4 Easy Ways to Prep Your Hair for the Fall


The colder months can be particularly harsh on our hair. An article by Insider even notes that cold weather can make our hair more vulnerable to breakage — especially when our hair is wet. When temperatures are low, the water molecules in our hair expand, which dries out strands and makes them easier to snap. On top of that, many people may be particularly prone to shedding during the fall.

So if you want to protect your hair during the autumn months, you’ll need to scout the products and routines that can help keep hair nourished, soft, and strong enough to withstand cold weather damage.

1.Choose Hair Products That Add Moisture to Your Hair and Scalp

Cold weather tends to dry out the hair, making it susceptible to static, frizz, and, worst of all, breakage. In order to keep your hair feeling nourished, you’ll want to start using moisturizing shampoos like Love Beauty and Plant Smooth and Serene Argan Oil and Lavender Shampoo ($7.99). Creamy and oily ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil can also help your hair attract and seal moisture to keep it soft.

2. Use Natural Ingredients

Synthetic and alcohol-based hair products tend to strip hair of its natural oils. Natural ingredients don’t have this effect, so add them to your hair care routine to prevent further drying. Rhyme and Reason’s Nourish and Gloss shampoo ($8.99) uses cruelty-free vegan ingredients like coconut water and Wild Rosella flower to nourish your hair while protecting it from the cold fall weather.

3. Invest in Hair Growth Treatments

Many people have the tendency to shed during the fall months. It’s just a natural process — your hair grows thickest during summer and winter to protect the head from extreme temperatures. So in between that time, hair tends to fall. To combat, you can take supplements like Biotin to strengthen your hair and give it the appearance of thickness. If your case is more extreme, you can also use minoxidil. SymptomFind’s overview of minoxidil notes that minoxidil can help restore balding or thinning hair. This way, you can promote hair growth in the areas that have become prone to shedding.

4. Use a Nourishing Hair Mask

A nourishing treatment mask after shampoo and conditioner can give your hair added protection against dryness. When you apply treatment masks to the middle and end parts of your hair, it boosts hydration, strengthening your hair’s ability to retain moisture. The best treatment masks can help hair increase shine, retain smoothness, and fight frizziness.

As the seasons transition between summer and winter, your hair is at an increased risk of drying, breakage, and shedding. So if you want to keep your hair soft and lustrous during the fall seasons, make sure to keep it protected using moisturizing products, natural products, hair growth treatments, and nourishing hair masks.

What are your fall hair hacks? Share with us below!

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Rita Julien

Rita Julien is a researcher-writer and skincare junkie based in Miami. She hopes to debunk skincare myths and to continue sharing her best beauty discoveries with others.


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