4 Y2K Trends That Have Followed Us Into 2023


Everyone knows that fashion cycles around. This has been especially evident in 2023, where Y2K trends that many fashion enthusiasts secretly missed are now back with stylish vengeance. Previously hot trends from recent years like tiny eyewear and “dad shoes” are officially out. Instead, nostalgic looks like brightly-colored velour tracksuits and chunky accessories are making a grand comeback. Among all the overwhelming garments and styles that you might come across today, let’s dive into the top four Y2K trends that you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe and relive the 2000s magic.

Oversized sunnies with plastic frames

Eyewear isn’t just for eye safety, they’re also for fashion—as seen with how they’re playing a role in the Y2K resurgence. In fact, recent Google searches for oversized sunnies soared more than 100% with the nostalgia boom. After all, if you look at early 2000s icons like Paris Hilton, it’s easy to see that oversized plastic frames were a staple. As such, designer sunglasses today have taken it upon themselves to bring back this bold design. Aside from offering polarized lenses, fashion houses like Burberry, Prada, and Versace have released women’s sunglasses that fit this aesthetic. With these sunnies in your possession, you can easily emulate the retro-trendy look at any event.

Voluminous hair

Say goodbye to the pin-straight hair and boho waves that have dominated the last few years. The Y2K vibe is all about embracing those natural locks and letting them shine. The bigger the curls, the better. Celebs like Zendaya are leading the charge with this hairstyle, showing off their fabulous curls on the red carpet. And guess what? Rocking those curls can be easy, too, thanks to automatic hair curlers and hair crimping irons that can instantly change your hair in seconds or heatless rollers that can create hair volume overnight. In fact, many people, especially on TikTok, have helped make products like the Kitsch Heatless Curling Set viral as they attempt to create voluminous curls while protecting their hair better from potential dryness and heat damage. If you want to take it up a notch, you can even accessorize your hair with scrunchies, beads, and clips to echo the playful style of the noughties.

Frosty blue makeup and glossy glam

Remember that frosty blue eyeshadow that you might’ve used when you were young? Well, it’s back and cooler than ever. Thanks to the breakout show, “Euphoria,” which brought back a ton of Y2K nostalgia, wearing bold and frosty eye makeup is now in trend. Look at the show’s blazing stars, Alexa Demie, and Sydney Sweeney, and you’ll understand how these previously dated looks can be reimagined with contemporary appeal. If you pair your frosty eye makeup with hyper-glossy lips, you’ve got yourself a killer combo that’s as fun as it is fierce. If you don’t know where to start, look up Morphe’s Y2K Artistry collection, as it features lots of timely shades while still being beginner-friendly.

Baby tees and low-rise jeans

Fashion time warp alert: baby tees and low-rise jeans are officially back. While these Y2K classics were often associated with thin models, they have had a recent makeover to fit right in with today’s body-positive society. This has allowed fashion enthusiasts nowadays to style these clothing pieces according to their body types. For instance, plus-size fashion models like Paloma Elsesser are rocking them like nobody’s business, proving that the Y2K trend isn’t only made for a slim fit. To incorporate these into your own wardrobe, keep an eye on inclusive Y2K brands like Juicy Couture for vibrant tees and sets, as well as True Religion for designer jeans.

As you dive headfirst into the Y2K revival, it’s clear that these trends are like the ultimate style time capsule. While they are unapologetically trendy, they’ve gotten a fresh makeover that’s tailor-made for today’s fashionistas. Whether you’re donning those statement sunnies or rocking your low-rise jeans, these Y2K trends are all about having fun and expressing your true self.

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Rita Julien

Rita Julien is a researcher-writer and skincare junkie based in Miami. She hopes to debunk skincare myths and to continue sharing her best beauty discoveries with others.

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