5 Ways to Help Your Textured Hair Flourish


Textured hair is our crowning glory, steeped in culture, and most importantly, forming a part of our identity. With trends like the Curly Girl Method taking over the internet, more women are embracing curly locks, whether it’s a slight kink or a tight coil.

Textured hair tends to be dry and needs TLC, requiring methods such as deep conditioning and protective styling. If you’re ready to ditch the straighteners, and rock your curly locks in all their glory, there are some key tips you should keep in mind. Ahead, here are 5 textured hair care tips to follow to maintain happy and healthy strands! 

1. Establish a Routine

A consistent routine is vital to maintaining healthy textured hair. We’ll run you through the basics with a handy step-by-step guide:

Start with a gentle, sulphate-free shampoo, which cleanses the hair without stripping it of essential moisture. 

Follow with a conditioner to keep your locks hydrated. Never miss conditioner in your hair wash routine as it’s a great way of caring for hair by injecting further moisture into your tresses. 

For an extra dose of hydration, pop in a few drops of hair oil, post-wash. Look for nourishing ingredients such as jojoba, coconut or black seed oil to really push your hair moisture levels to new heights. 

2. Moisture is Key

Moisture plays an essential part in keeping our hair healthy, and textured hair is no exception. Curly hair is prone to dehydration due to the helix shape of hair strands making it hard for moisture to travel down.

Keep your locks at the top of their hydration game with the LOC method which involves using a liquid or leave-in conditioner that’s suitable for textured hair like the one in this Equi Botanics hair care set, and an oil and a cream to boost hydration levels. 

Look for a curl cream that’s packed full of oils to repair and protect hair, such as the OUAI Curl Crème.

3. Invest in a Pick

Pump up the volume in your locks with a pick. This tool is a staple in any textured-haired lady’s toolkit as it helps achieve voluminous hair by picking out the curls and fighting against flat roots. 

Tip: Keep a pick in your handbag, to fluff up your hair on the go if your roots start to deflate. 

4. Protect Your Crown at Night 

Don’t forget your curls when you’re getting some beauty sleep– they always need protecting! Switch out your cotton pillowcase as this soaks up your hair’s natural oils, and replace it with silk one, such as the M&S Pure Silk Pillowcase, to boost moisture and reduce levels of frizz. 

For further protection, keep your natural hair wrapped in a silk scarf to reduce breakages and support moisture retention.

5. Textured Hair Love

Finally, show your hair some love. Although there’s extra work involved in maintaining healthy textured hair, that doesn’t mean it needs to be hard. Often textured hair is billed as “difficult” and “not the norm” but this is not the case.

This striking hair type can be styled many ways, and more importantly, it’s a part of you. So, celebrate you and your hair for what they both are… beautiful!

Final Thoughts

Remember, a consistent, healthy haircare routine and moisture are the key to success!

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