A Guide to Thrive: Social Media Growth Tips During a Pandemic


When the pandemic began and lockdowns took effect, many of us in the beauty industry weren’t sure what the new normal would be. Some returned to work with new safety precautions, while others remained at home. When my salon closed, I became both a stay-at-home mom and a kindergarten teacher all in the same month. With my new responsibilities, my career got put on halt.

However, I still wanted to grow and stay active in the beauty community, so I turned my attention toward building my social media presence, knowing it would be valuable when I finally return to work. 231 days and over 100 character looks later, here are my top tips for building your social media accounts while on lockdown!

Be Resourceful

When I started quarantine, I was lucky to have my two daughters to use as models. To create looks, I used anything and everything I could find around the house. Partially because I was worried about leaving, I spent almost no money throughout the first few months of the pandemic and came up with creative ways to use items I already had available.

Post Consistently

One of the most important parts of running a successful social media account is content. Having consistent content types and a schedule sets your followers’ expectations, motivates them to come back and increases your account’s reach. Set a schedule and stick to it!

Engage Your Community

I have seen a lot of success in fostering a community on social media. Respond to comments, comment on other posts and network with beauty professionals and brands. Also, using hashtags is a great way to help your content reach the right audiences and brands while providing additional exposure for your account.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Next, whether you’re a makeup or hair artist, it’s extremely important to keep up with your craft. While you may not have your standard clientele, you should continue honing in your skills, even while under lockdown. For example, get a mannequin head, practice on yourself, your family members or your roommate.

Stay Educated

If you’re as ready to get back to the salon as I am, you want to be sure you’re still keeping up with current trends and techniques. While much of the world has come to a halt, fashion and beauty never cease to evolve! Not only will this help keep your content relevant, but you will also be well-equipped with this knowledge when you return to your “office.”

Take Care of Yourself

Finally, while a growing social media following and positive community can help bolster your confidence, it can also do the opposite. Keep in mind that you are building your own brand, so pick your battles wisely. It won’t always be a fairytale, and you may have bad days. Therefore, knowing when to walk away and take a break is one of the best qualities in keeping yourself grounded. Ignore negativity and embrace the (constructive) feedback.

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Michelle Scrivner

Michelle has been a licensed Hairstylist and Makeup Artist for 7 years. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, she specializes in finishing styling and makeup for special occasions, photoshoots and on-set work.


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