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There are so many brands on the market that brands are willing to do anything to try and grab your attention. From events to activations to sales, these days it feels like there is nothing a brand won’t do.  It’s hard not to get lost. 

This brand grabbed our team’s attention with four words and it is all we have been able to talk about since. Ask About My RunnyPOO. What is runnyPOO? What brand uses that for marketing? When our team saw that phrase at Cosmoprof Las Vegas, we knew we needed to talk about it. We got all those questions answered and more on this episode of Volume Up., the brand behind the marketing, was able to connect us with their co-founder and hair artist, Kelsey Garofalo. Garofalo joined Jeffrey Lunnen to talk about everything runnyPOO and 

What is A haircare line designed with a singular mission – to unleash the inner artist residing in each of us. Head to wherever you stream podcasts to learn about if you have runnypoo or where you can go pick some up. 

From behind the chair to indie brand co-founder, Kelsey also walks us through some of her key advice for going out of your comfort zone and starting a business. 

“Probably like six years into my career, I remember somebody calling me a hair artist instead of a hairstylist. And I think that just really stuck with me because we are being creative in these ways….”

“I think I found that I wanted to start with the foundation, right? I didn’t need to jump into doing color and all this other stuff if we can’t keep our scalp and our hair clean and on a good growth cycle. Then we’re constantly just moving backwards trying to fix it.”

“It was interesting asking grown adults if they have runnypoo. So what it is actually is our cleansing scalp serum and that’s kind of the unique product that we have. And what it is, is we have the cleansing properties in the shampoo so we’re using it to cleanse but also adding in what some people would replace as maybe their scalp oil or treatments….”

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you stream and head over to our Instagrams @Readthetease and @volumeupbythetease.

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