Barrettes! Barrettes Everywhere!

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Alors on se barre?

A post shared by Sacha Ginger Balériaux (@sachabaleriaux) on

The barrette is back in a big way. That hair accessory our moms used to give us when we were little to keep our hair in place and out of our face has become so much more than that, likely thanks to the it-girl, Ariana Grande.

While the barrette is nothing new to Ari – we did see her rocking it early last summer in pictures with ex-fiancé Pete Davidson – it’s looking like the trend is finally catching on this spring with people rocking different takes on the barrette all over social media.

All over, people are jumping on the barrette bandwagon. Just type “#barrette” in the Instagram search box, and you’ll see there are over 90k results, and an additional 45k posts with the plural hashtag waiting to be seen.

So what’s the beauty of the barrette? Well, if you dive into those posts, you’ll see there are so many different ways to flaunt it as an accessory. You can make it the statement piece, you can wear multiple, or you can just use it as a small pop of color.

We’ve seen them with bows, we’ve seen them decked out with beads, but the one that’s en vogue now? The pearl covered barrette. Refinery29 digs into the fad fully, pointing out that the most popular one can be purchased as a set of 3 on Amazon for just $2.65. With that price point, it’s no wonder everybody’s buying themselves a set.

With hair accessories on the rise, we’re sure the barrette is only going to continue its upward trend. Will you clip in to the trend and rock it as part of your warm weather looks? Let us know your take in the comments!