Beauty SuperStars Talk: Unlocking the Full Potential of Online for Your Business

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Getting “back to business” after the anniversary stream of Beauty SuperStars Talk, Miki Wright interviews guest Stephanie LaFlora, a digital business consultant and co-founder of Crownhunt

Need to learn more about working on curly to coily hair? Sign up on Crownhunt for deals on hair courses and explore some helpful free resources for new entrepreneurs in the hair industry.

Stephanie LaFlora has over a decade of experience in business and brand strategy, so you don’t want to miss the invaluable, media-oriented insight she gives us on Learn Online, Teach Online with Stephanie LaFlora, sponsored by Black Beauty Expo. Her current mission? Helping the professionals of our passion-filled industry have access to relevant education, gain a better understanding of clients, and work on cross-industry collaborations digitally.

Miki and Stephanie brainstorm and discuss how to better educate new and seasoned industry professionals, such as hosting focus groups for salon owners and introducing new, industry-relevant business classes.

 Here are some helpful snippets from this week’s stream!

“I’m not tired of seeing first yet, we don’t get to celebrate enough”

“The beauty industry especially… there are hardly any resources available”

“We are interested in elevating those voices”

“Maybe etiquette is a class that should be taught”

“We are a business first and foremost, even though we have these great relationships”

Watch here or wherever you stream.

Do you have any tips and tricks for researching new techniques online? Let us know in the comments!

Jade Bartier Protat
Jade Bartier Protat
Jade Bartier Protat is an Editorial Intern at The Tease, tuning in from Pennsylvania. With a passion for hair and admiration for hair professionals, she’ll be here writing all about it.