Bellami Debuts Professional-Grade Hair Extension Care Designed for In-Salon and At-Home Use


Thanks to Bellami, caring for your favorite hair extensions just got a whole lot easier. The beloved hair extensions company has launched Bellami Professional Hair Care, the world’s first professional-grade hair extensions care collection for in-salon and at-home use.

Working in collaboration with its network of renowned hairstylists, Bellami developed uniquely formulated, clinically proven extension-driven haircare solutions that are designed to double the lifetime of hair extensions while strengthening the health and integrity of natural hair. 

“There is beauty in innovation,” said John Costanza, group vice president of Beauty Industry Group leading the charge for Bellami. “We know hair better than any brand on the market. This isn’t just a hair care line that happens to work with extensions. We spent the last three years collaborating with industry professionals, chemists, and Bellami educators, who work with hair every single day, to perfect the formulas and deliver a comprehensive solution-oriented approach to hair and extension treatment in-salon and at-home.”

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Bellami’s Professional Hair Care collection includes 10 professional products that are exclusively available in-salon as well as eight at-home products which are now available at and will be rolling out to retailers in the fall. Both collections incorporate clarifying and moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, a scalp detox, treatment mask, and a bond fusion system that reduces breakage by up to 63% and tangling by up to 89%. Not to mention, all products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free, and inclusively formulated for all hair types and textures. And, it’s also worth noting that refill pouches are available for shampoos and conditioners and all aluminum and plastic components are recyclable. 

Hair Care Infused With H-2 Complex and Vita-Seal Complexes

What sets Bellami’s professional and at-home collections apart is the fact that it’s infused with first-of-its-kind H-2 and proprietary Vita-Seal complexes. Unlike other bond-building technologies, the brand’s revolutionary H-2 Complex contains both hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties, rather than just one, which allows formulas to target different areas of damage and achieve maximum results. The hydrophilic component balances and reconstructs the hydrogen and ionic bonds fundamental to hair structure, creating a smooth and even surface. As for the hydrophobic portion, it replenishes lipids stripped from the hair during coloring or heat styling. 

Bellami’s at-home formulas complement the brand’s professional line by offering salon-quality maintenance to protect hair from UV exposure and thermal damage. Each product is designed to seal in the professional H-2 Complex while Bellami’s proprietary vitamin-rich Vita-Seal Complex locks in nutrients to preserve the hair’s integrity and prevent future breakage, while improving the overall condition and appearance of hair with continued use.

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