Blondes Are Forever: 5 Tips for Creating Long-Lasting Color


As seasons change, so do our blondes. A lot of my clients who stay bright in the summer often decide to add dimension back into their hair for the cooler months. Those who choose to stay blonde all year round typically enjoy testing different tones that fit the season: golden and warmer blondes in the fall and winter, and whiter and brighter blondes in the spring and summer. Test out these tips to keep your blondes looking top-notch as we head into fall:

Opt for a Root Shadow

I don’t know how I got through the first 10 years of doing hair without offering a root shadow service. It’s a quick add-on to a highlight or balayage appointment that keeps clients going longer in between appointments. It softens the grow out line, especially for someone who chooses to place their blonde right at the root. Clients can also visit the salon for a root shadow in between big appointments to give them some extra time before needing a touch up. Lived-in color is the trend right now!

Schedule An In-Salon Toner Refresh

Before clients leave the salon with their fresh color, schedule a toner refresh in 4-6 weeks! I recommend discussing this with your clients at the beginning of the appointment so you can explain the importance of a glaze. Remember: glazes and toners aren’t permanent. The more your client washes their hair, the quicker it will fade. However, with a gloss, you can keep their blonde looking bold with a quick in-and-out appointment. For my sessions, I like to schedule an hour in my book to include a blowout and style.

Invest in an At-Home Purple Shampoo

The more vibrant, the better! I love REDKEN for toning my blondes. However, I’ve had clients use it every time they shampoo their hair, which dries it out and makes their blonde dull and dark. I recommend purple shampoo once every week or two. Also, I tell my clients to put the purple shampoo in their hair dry because dry hair actually absorbs the shampoo better than wet. Comb through and let it sit a few minutes. Then, rinse out. Follow up with a good conditioner to keep your hair soft.

Schedule a Face Frame or Partial Appointment

Also, try reminding clients they don’t need a full highlight or balayage at every appointment. In fact, some of my clients only get a full highlight once a year! The rest of their appointments are partials. It’s a great way to stay on budget, and in my salon, partial appointments save clients about $70 each time. Another benefit of this service is it includes lightening all around the face, top of the head and a few in the back. Because hair is naturally a little darker underneath, I prefer this method for the best results. If your client wears her hair up a lot, add a few extra foils around the back of the hairline.

Add Dimension

I get so many girls who come in when fall hits and want to go darker. However, when spring arrives, they want to go blonde again! Rather than sacrificing the integrity of your client’s hair, suggest adding in some dimension and depth to a bright blonde. Generally with this service, a demi-permanent color is used instead of a permanent. This lets the color gradually fade out. Then, when the time comes to go bright again, it will lift easily. Plus, adding darkness to your client’s hair will actually make their blonde look blonder!

At the end of the day, blondes are fun! Play around with ways to keep your clients looking fresh the entire year, while saving a little extra cash between appointments. Don’t be afraid to switch up their toner or pop a few lowlights in there. Clients love when we try out new techniques and show confidence in doing so! Finally, remember to snap that photo after you’re all finished and show the world how you slayed your blonde bombshell.

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Ashlie Marmo

Ashlie Marmo is a Pennsylvania-based hairstylist with over 15 years of experience in the hair industry. She specializes in lived-in color.


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