Briana Cisneros’s Real Life Insights from Cosmo Prof’s Virtual ‘Iconic Blonde’ Event


Cosmo Prof’s first-ever Iconic Blonde event took place virtually on July 17th, giving hair pros the opportunity to connect with top brands, explore new products, and master the latest blonding and bonding techniques. Cosmo Prof, a leading pro beauty distributor, once again proved its commitment to stylists by providing valuable education to keep them at the forefront of the ever-evolving beauty industry.

As implied by the event’s name, a key aspect that took center stage was the focus on healthy blonding. Beyond just learning the latest in blonding techniques, curriculum explored how to maintain healthy, shiny, and hydrated blondes through bonding and proper aftercare, of course!

We caught up with the event’s special guest, Briana Cisneros, Global Hair Educator, and Wella Ambassador, on site at the event and she spilled the tea on all things Iconic Blonde, as well as her expert tips on blonding and bonding.

The Tease: Why is an event like Iconic Blonde so needed in the professional beauty industry right now?

Briana Cisneros: Blondes are always relevant. Salons are always relevant. I think that for everybody, no matter who you are, especially now with the creativity of the placement of blonde, anyone can be a blonde. And anyone can identify as blonde. I think that it’s really fun to just explore all the different levels of blonde and what that can mean and what that can look like, for every hair type, texture and skin tone, and see the creativity in it. 

What are your top tips for creating the perfect blonde?

I think it’s training your eye, because your hands will follow. If you train your eye to see things in a certain light, and you’re like, this is good, and you really cultivate that taste level to expect the best from yourself, your own work, and you’re like: I’m not going to quit on this client until I get it to feel right and to look right to me is kind of the number one thing. So even though that’s not really a technical answer, I think it’s once you train your eye, you’ll figure it out.

Briana Cisneros and Models at Cosmo Prof’s ‘Iconic Blonde’ Virtual Event; Photo Credit: Adriana Sarmiento

What are the most common mistakes that colorists make when it comes to bonding?

I think that it starts with the stylist using the right things. Right? And then it ends with [the client] using the right things at home. So everybody’s claiming a lot of things these days, right? Bonding is such a buzzword. So you want to make sure that the product that [you are] using is one that’s working and it’s doing what it promises and that you’re doing all of the steps within the system, because a lot of people will use the bonding lightener and then not use the number two which seals it in. So make sure [you’re] using all the steps and that the client’s always following it.

When blonding textured hair, what are some important things to keep in mind?

I think there’s two key things with textured hair or curls is where the curls naturally live and not separating the curls out to like force your color in. But looking at the curls that naturally clump together and utilizing that to show you where to put the highlights. So let the curls lead your technique, not your technique forcing the curls.

Go-to blonding product? 

I’m not just saying this because I’m a Wella ambassador, but their new ultimate repair line, the spray. It’s called Miracle hair rescue spray. Once you have it, you can’t go back, especially as a blonde and for myself, I spray it every single day in my own hair. It just makes your hair instantly feel strong again. So for blondes, that’s something that we’re lacking. So definitely, that’s my hero product for forever.

What are the biggest takeaways that you want attendees to leave the Iconic Blonde event with? 

Always inspiration, I feel like in our job, it’s easy to get stuck in the same thing that we do every day behind the chair. So anytime you’re going to an event, especially one like this, just feeling empowered and inspired to keep the craft alive within your heart. Not just the mundane day to day but truly, like energize re energize and relight the fire again, but keep it like keep fanning that flame so that it that so that it stays so big inside of you. You [create] this like electric energy about you because it comes from somewhere deep and the only way to get that is from events like this.

Missed the chance to be part of the excitement? Cosmo Prof has already announced its next virtual event: “Color the World.” And for more from Briana Cisneros, be sure to follow her on Instagram.

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