Celebrity Hairstylist Kendall Dorsey Uses This Hair Treatment on All His Clients


If you’ve ever color-treated your hair, you’ve likely experienced the damage and breakage that oftentimes comes with it. Thankfully, there’s a new salon treatment on the market that’s making it easier than ever to repair breakage and protect your hair.

Enter pH Plex —the first professional grade product for the salon and home use. This three-step salon system works with the pH of your hair to repair damage at the molecular level and improve your overall hair texture.

What is pH Plex?

The first part of the treatment, pH Plex 1, is formulated to pH 9, the same pH of hair color or bleach. It protects your hair without changing the properties of the hair color or bleach concentration. pH Plex 2 is applied after the coloring process is completed to repair any left-over damage and restore the pH of your hair back to normal. pH Plex 3 is designed to be a weekly application that stabilizes and fortifies you hair in-between color and bleach treatments. 

With pH Plex, its one-of-a-kind patent formula reacts directly to the broken bonds within each strand of your hair, restoring them to leave behind stronger and healthier locks. The star ingredient is malic acid, a skincare active that helps to reduce the itching and burning that often occurs during the coloring and bleaching process.

At a time in which many people are coloring their hair at home, pH Plex is definitely a product that you want to have in your arsenal. The repair treatment comes conveniently packaged in pre-measured, single application sachets, so you no longer have to worry about toting around big bottles of product. Not to mention, at $4.95 for an individual sachet, these products are quite a steal!

Does pH Plex Really Work?

pH Plex is a treatment that was created with everyone in mind. You don’t have to have had a hair color session to reap the benefits of this product. No, seriously: whether you have relaxed, curly, thick, or fine hair —pH Plex helps them all.

In fact, celebrity hairstylist Kendall Dorsey, who styles with everyone from Solange and Lizzo to Cardi B, regularly works with different hair textures and swears by pH Plex to keep his clients’ hair healthy.

“My thing about pH Plex is, it’s a performance product. A lot of brands talk about connecting the amino acids and with this particular product, it connects all 21 amino acids,” he explained. “It’s really interlocking around each strand so the hair automatically becomes more resilient.”

Dorsey shared that when it comes to his curly-haired clients like Yara Shahidi and Alicia Keys, he loves combining pH Plex 1 and 2 to create a deep-treatment hair mask. According to him, if you want to get the most out of your pH Plex products, adding a steamer to your treatment is a necessity.

“After I use Step 1 and Step 2, I’ll massage it into the hair and let it sit for 10 mins. I actually use saran wrap around the hair. So, I saran wrap the hair as opposed to a plastic processing cap because I feel like the saran wrap really locks in everything that you are really penetrating into the cortex,” he said. “Then, I rinse with cool water. To really give the hair an extra luster, I like to circle back with a hydration mask or oil under the steamer, depending on the hair texture, type, and density.”

Dorsey considers a hair steamer to be a holy grail tool and brings his steamer with him from job-to-job, along with his pH Plex products.

“If my clients feel that I’m taking care of the actual hair, they are much happier,” he said. “With pH Plex, it really performs.”

pH Plex is currently available for purchase at Amazon. To learn more about the product, be sure to visit their website or follow the brand on Instagram.

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Camille Nzengung

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