Did You Get #OLADUPÉ-d on TikTok?


Haircare brand OLAPLEX is one of the most duped brands on TikTok with creators posting content generating 30.4M views of the hashtag #OLAPLEXDUPE. Using social listening tools, the brand identified how often it was being duped and launched OLADUPÉ to show consumers that the only company that could actually dupe OLAPLEX, is OLAPLEX itself.  

On September 25th the brand launched its fictitious OLADUPÉ product with an unboxing campaign featuring over 100 earned and paid influencers, including Lelani Green, Yesly Dimate, Shae Alexis and Audrey Boos and celebrity duper” Taylor Madison.

@olaplex #OLAPLEX just can’t be duped. 160 patents say so. 💅😌 Let us know in the comments, did you get duped? Share this with someone looking for the real #hairrepair hero! #undupable #oladupe ♬ original sound – olaplex

While the OLADUPÉ product’s label looked very similar to OLAPLEX, it was clearly marked OLADUPÉ “No. 160” as an homage to OLAPLEX’s 160 patents. Consumers were driven to Oladupe.com, where the first 160 people to register were sent a free bottle of OLADUPÉ, which was actually a bottle of OLAPLEX No. 3, explaining the joke. OLAPLEX No. 3 Hair Perfector is, of course, the award-winning and widely lauded pre-shampoo treatment that took the beauty industry and social media by storm. It is proven to repair and strengthen hair from the inside out.

“OLAPLEX is the real deal, a brand that is truly ‘undupable,’ and the foundation of this is our underlying technology, which is peerless in the industry,” said JuE Wong, Chief Executive Officer of OLAPLEX. “Our commitment to offering products grounded in solid technology assures unmatched quality and results, making OLAPLEX a brand that retains its uniqueness. OLAPLEX is known by consumers and the industry as a socially native brand.  This campaign tapped into the cultural zeitgeist, meeting consumers where they are and playfully educating them on the one-of-a-kind and proven repair and strengthening benefits of our bond-building technology, which cannot be copied or duped.”

OLAPLEX No. 3 Hair Perfector retails for $30.00 at olaplex.com, professional salons and select retailers nationwide. For all things OLAPLEX, be sure to follow the brand on TikTok and  Instagram.

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