Fighting the Frizz

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If you’ve got curly hair, you know taming the mane is a daily chore. We feel your pain. If you’re a fan of the Curly Girl Method, you’re no stranger to DevaCurl. Big fans of their product ourselves, we were so excited at the chance to feature their newest product in the April box!

With a combination of five natural oils working in tandem, the High Shine Multi-Benefit Oil is exactly what us curly haired ladies have been searching for. Sulfate and silicone-free, the Multi-Benefit Oil works to give your hair the shine you’re looking for without weighing it down. Best of all, it’s versatile. On their website, DevaCurl shows off that the oil can be used both on wet hair and dry hair.

The fast absorbing Multi-Benefit Oil can be used on dry hair as a finisher to keep that frizz on lockdown, or it can be used as an instant refresher to bring some shine back on days you don’t wash. Check out the video here.

Each of the five oils works hard to bring a specific benefit to the product, starting with Babassu Oil. The lightweight oil brings the shine without leaving any heavy residue, which we all know is important for keeping that body and volume in check. The daily mane taming gets easier with Coconut Oil helping to minimize the frizz. Pequi Oil helps the Coconut Oil with the frizz fight while helping to define your curls. Flaxseed Oil brings in the nutrients key to keeping your hair healthy. Finally, Passion Fruit Oil wraps things up by keeping the moisture locked in. As if all these benefits weren’t enough, it smells great, too.

Get your hands on the DevaCurl High Shine Multi-Benefit Oil with the April box, and try it out for yourself!