Hairdresser’s Fave Style

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What’s sophisticated, low-maintenance and chic? Aside from a Salon Pro’s black wardrobe, the lob also fits the bill.

Although lob may stand for “long bob,” we like to call it THE haircut of the summer. The lob isn’t necessarily a new ‘do – it’s definitely made its way around the block – but for those who thought it would be just another passing trend, think again.

This year we’re seeing the style cut a little more…bluntly. Characterized by its sharp, blunt ends, this blunt lob is making its way onto the heads of some of our fave celebs – and we’re nothing short of drooling over their locks.

Hailey Baldwin showcased her blunt lob at the Cannes Film Festival and she’s giving off major boss a$$ bit@&^ vibes. Her lob is so blunt it looks like she took a pair of scissors to it before stepping on the carpet (in a good way).


Sofia Richie debuted her new locks on IG after her stylist quite literally hacked away her hair…with a pair of kitchen scissors. If we would have known a pair of kitchen scissors could make someone look this good, we would’ve asked you Salon Pros to ditch your shears awhile ago (jk..sorta).