Hairstylist Presley Poe Shares Their Best Blonding and Bonding Tips  


When it comes to helping your clients achieve their best blonde ever, it’s important to make sure that bonding is a part of the process. By incorporating a bonding treatment into your blonding services, you can make a world of difference for your client’s hair, ensuring that their strands are strong and their color is protected. 

As one of the hosts for Cosmo Prof’s upcoming Iconic Blonde virtual event (happening July 17th), hair transformation expert and artistic team member, Presley Poe, knows all about the importance of blonding and bonding. With that said, Poe was able to share with The Tease a few top tips for bond repair and blonding services. Whether you have a client that’s thinking of going blonde or they’re already blonde and just want to go blonder, you’ll definitely want to keep scrolling for some of Poe’s insights. 

On how blonding has changed with the introduction of new products:

“Blonding is like never before with the introduction of new technology. Now we are able to do so much more advanced and nuanced tones with more simplicity and less damage.”

On why bond repair is so important when going blonde or staying blonde:

“Bond repair is one of the most crucial parts of a blonding service as it mitigates damage before it starts. It is like the liability insurance of hairdressing. It may not cover the whole car but it’s a nice buffer in the face of a possible accident.”

On how a stylist can best prepare clients for going blonde:

“A pre-consultation is the most important thing you can do. They should have a consultation weeks in advance to get them on the right product regime to get their hair in the most optimal shape for lifting. A strand test is super important to give the clients realistic expectations of the appointment and to tell you the health of hair and the backstory of color.”

On the techniques that are recommended to keep clients’ hair healthy: 

“Our clients at the end of the day have to remember that bleach is still bleach and in order to keep their hair healthy there are a few fundamentals that simply never change: 1) Consistency: stick with your hairstylist and have a game plan for future services. 2) Work with the same blonding pattern for a year or so to have consistent results and less breakage in sports of overlap. 3) Use recommended products from your stylist at home! It’s like medicine for your hair and even missing a few days can wreak havoc on your beautiful blond results.

On the best summer hair care regime to care for and maintain blonde locks:

“For summer hair care, I recommend applying an SPF before entering an intense sun. For water exposure, I think it wise to get your hair wet before and add SPF and a possible oil that coats the hair so it doesn’t absorb all of the elements in the water.”

On the specific blonding products that are recommended from Cosmo Prof: 

“Cosmo Prof has some of my favorite blonding products to date! Trionics KO Lightener and Developer has to be one of my all-time favorite ways to balayage and you can never go wrong with some BlondMe by Schwarzkopf Lightener for a beautiful global blond.” 

For more tips from Poe, be sure to follow @presleypoe on Instagram. You can also catch Poe at Cosmo Prof’s Iconic Blonde virtual event, taking place on July 17th. You can register for the event on Cosmo Prof’s website. 

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