I Tried Non Gender Specific’s Signature FLOOID Fragrance So You Don’t Have To 


Whether or not you’ve seen Non Gender Specific circulating social media for its lush, elegant, and whimsical aesthetic, or featured in your favorite magazine for its sustainably conscious methods and nutrient-rich skincare, Non Gender Specific — a brand for everyone, is bound to leave a lasting impression.

While running the global business division of a men’s skincare brand, Founder and CEO of Non Gender Specific, Andrew Glass, realized how segregated the beauty industry was and sought to make a positive change. He conceptualized a brand that would have zero gender boundaries and promoted a “less is more” approach to skincare. Non Gender Specific has changed the skincare shopping experience and continues to do so by pushing boundaries within the beauty industry, merging beauty, art, culture and fashion into a brand that’s set apart from the rest. 

Though Non Gender Specific is well known for their innovative botanical skincare products, the brand recently expanded and added a couple fragrances to their collection — introducing FLOOID, a fragrance for all humans, and FLOOID HŌM Luxury Candle. 

If you’re someone who’s weary when it comes to purchasing fragrances and candles online simply because the scent description just doesn’t cover it, I totally get it. Been there, done that! 

Recently, I received and tested Non Gender Specific’s FLOOID ($125.00) and FLOOID HŌM ($49.00) and I’m here to give you the total rundown (beyond just the scent description). 

My Thoughts on Their Products

When it comes to creating fragrances that are universal or unisex, there tends to be a lot of gray area. In my experience with genderless fragrances, they almost always smell either too feminine (floral and/or fruity) or too masculine (woodsy and/or musky). When I first received Non Gender Specific’s FLOOID fragrance, I wondered what exactly makes FLOOID different? 

On top of its sleek and minimal, sustainable packaging, FLOOID definitely hits the mark on truly being a universal scent — a fragrance for all humans. Back in March, the brand announced the relaunch of its fan-favorite genderless fragrance. According to their website, FLOOID is a “warm, woody genderless fragrance with a fresh twist.” Being derived from natural elements, “FLOOID is a hymn to nature’s purity…Featuring a dynamic aroma that twists and bends like vines wrapped around a tree, FLOOID encapsulates your senses and brings you back to a time of simplicity and solace.” 

Stronger than an eau de parfum, FLOOID is a pure parfum with over 30% fragrance. Designed to transform into a unique aromatic experience for each user, FLOOID maintains its earth characteristics and highlights the fluidity of the environment.

After using FLOOID, I wouldn’t necessarily say that the scent leans more towards smelling feminine or masculine, but I will say that FLOOID smells heavily citrusy with strong notes of musk, so it’s truly up for personal interpretation. If you’ve ever been to a store that sells essential oils, incense, and various other aromatherapy products, this is exactly what FLOOID smells like — a fragrant combination of natural scents.

Non Gender Specific lists FLOOID’s top notes as sweet orange, grapefruit, and bergamot. The mid notes consist of warm amber, hints of lavender and rich patchouli, and the base notes feature earthy vetiver, white musk, oud, and fresh moss. Though I enjoy the majority of these scents on their own, I’m not someone who tends to reach for a fragrance that smells woody or musky. On the other hand, if you’re someone who enjoys citrusy, earthy, and musky scents, FLOOID is for you!

The second product I tried was the  FLOOID HŌM Luxury Candle. Non Gender Specific formulated this candle to create the home version of FLOOID. Similar to the fragrance, FLOOID HŌM is a warm, woody genderless scent with a fresh twist. Though there are a lot of similarities between the candle and the fragrance, FLOOID HŌM’s scent is more subtle as its top notes include saffron and Asian eucalyptus, mid notes feature rose, geranium and violet, and base notes consist of patchouli, black leather and ambroxan.

What I love about this candle is how natural and unique the scent is. I’ve tried other luxury candles in the past and each one always has an artificial underlying scent (which I’m not a fan of). Luckily, FLOOID HŌM has zero artificial smell and is the perfect combination of fresh and floral notes with a sprinkle of woody and spicy elements. It makes my space feel elegant, sexy and vibe-y, making it the perfect scent to truly set the tone for your space. 

Though this candle is a bit pricey, its slow burn time makes it totally worth the money. FLOOID HŌM features a 50 hour burn time and each 8 oz candle is hand-poured using a plant-based wax and lead-free wicks. This candle packs a potent punch, but in a tasteful way. As soon as I opened the post-consumer recycled box, FLOOID HŌM‘s seductive scent came pouring out and immediately filled my room. Even after burning this candle, its scent lingers beautifully. If you’re looking to splurge on a candle, FLOOID HŌM is worth your money.

Each vessel is handmade in the famous Shuili Snake Kiln in Taiwan where they have been making ceramics for over 100 years. Talk about attention to detail and insane craftsmanship! FLOOID HŌM not only functions as a candle, but also as a planter. With a mission to help consumers create new scent memories, each candle includes a biodegradable paper dust cover infused with wildflower seeds that you can plant in the pot after you finish burning the candle. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your signature scent or make your living space smell more enticing, Non Gender Specific has got you covered. Be sure to follow @nongenderspecificofficial on Instagram and let us know if you try out their products!

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