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The men’s beauty industry has been stagnant for a long time, especially when it comes to color. Not only are on-the-shelf shades hard to find but packaging and marketing for these products are boring and uninviting. 

While many might say, ‘just go to a salon’, at-home dyes for men or anyone with short hair can be a bit more practical as it can grow and show quite fast. Beards may need color touch-ups up to once a week. 

Carlos Barreto, CEO and Founder of Cleverman, saw a need in men’s beauty and decided to fill it. With his international marketing experience building successful consumer businesses across multiple geographies, he honed his skills in product and brand-building management and started his own business. Cleverman is an innovative, customizable, subscription-based hair dye service that allows men to get shades specific to them after filling out the online quiz. Barreto himself states that, “it’s like hair color for dummies”. Cleverman makes the process super user-friendly as well as fun. 

But Cleverman is not just men’s hair color. Barreto hopes to expand in the future into health and care for the whole self. The goal for him is to help men feel good from the inside out. 

Barreto joins Volume Up by The Tease this week to talk about the brand from conception to the future, his vision for the men’s beauty industry as a whole and more. Head to wherever you stream to listen in. 

“We tried to make this process very easy in that sense so our box comes with four simple, easy steps. It’s like hair color for dummies. You have step one, step two, step three of what you need to do.”

“For every person, we can create up to 10,000 combinations today so everybody gets what they really need. Through our logistics operator,  we produce that specific kit and send it to the consumer.”

“We did a lot of research before launch. I think that is something that I suggest to people before launching any product, to test, to learn something about the consumer.”

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