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Are you looking to grow in the beauty industry while also making a difference in the lives of your peers? Whether that be adding a new cut to your arsenal, expanding your business, or how to improve your social media, this upcoming event is for you. 

Introducing Beauty with a Purpose. This one-day industry event is a movement that is packed with influential beauty industry leaders, artists, and beauty brands, joining together to support and mentor guests at all levels of their career through development, networking and connecting. The event promises the tools, guidance, inspiration, knowledge, and motivation needed to succeed at every step of your journey.

The event is hosting mentors like Nick Stenson, Michelle O’Connor, Johnny Wright, Jenny Strebe, Frank Fulco, John Mosley, Denine Pappalardo, Kelly Ehlers and so many more! The knowledge you will gain alongside the amazing goodie bags is in and of itself enough to pay for the ticket. However, if you need yet another reason, all proceeds from the tickets will go right back to helping the beauty industry in the forms of grants, scholarships and more. 

Looking to learn more about this amazing event? Jeffrey Lunnen sat down with the creators, Julie Hightower, founding Board member of the Daisie Foundation, and Mireya Villarreal, founder of the Pink Pewter Foundation, to discuss the event in depth. They describe the founding of Beauty with a Purpose, what you can expect from the event, the amazing give-back that the event is presenting and the outlook for future programs. 

Julie and Mireya really are looking to make a difference in the lives of those in the beauty industry. Their passion for this event and for those who will be receiving grants, scholarships and more is tangible. Check out the episode wherever you stream and don’t forget to head to the link in the show notes to grab your tickets for the September 17 event in Oak Brook, IL. 

“It is an event that is going to empower whatever generation that you sit on to be the best and highest version of yourself. So if you are a barber, we want you to be the best barber that you can be, or stylist, or makeup artist. We know the beauty community is very broad.”

“We definitely need to create an event where we have every single mentor there possible…so they can start molding every single level of your career. And we did.”

“Give back is the nucleus and the center of why this event was even adopted and birthed. If we couldn’t do give back, we weren’t gonna do it. We wanted to make sure that our visions were aligned and it was putting those that needed it the most at the center, at the heartbeat, of what we’re doing.”

“Don’t meet us there, beat us there!”

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