It’s Not About Selling Shampoo, It’s About Building Relationships – Industry Shifts with Scott Missad

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Volume Up by The Tease is excited to continue our mini-series featuring the winners and trailblazers of the first-ever Texture Style Awards. Over four podcasts, there will be a short interview with one of the winners to talk about their experience in addition to our regular length interviews with individuals throughout the beauty industry. 

In the final week of our Texture Style Awards series, we talked with the wonderful Angelica Tanta who won Straight Hairstylist of the Year. Angelica talks with us about her love for competitions and hair shows. She discusses how each competition has changed her life as well as how she will continue to keep working and growing in the industry. Angelica gave our listeners some really important words of wisdom. Tune in to hear from our last Texture Style Award winner!

This week we also talked with the brilliant Scott Missad, CEO of Beauty Quest Group. Scott brought us through his career, how he got to where he is, the creation of Sun Bum, him joining Beauty Quest Group, being named CEO and helping the company grow. Scott also gave us all his thoughts on upcoming trends in the industry. He talked with Kelly Ehlers about the personal connection needed in the beauty industry, education and e-commerce.

Don’t miss out on hearing a visionary in the beauty industry talk about his take on all things change.

“Well, I had the distinction of being appointed CEO on Zoom. Our offices were closed. I didn’t hardly know anybody. That was a trip in and of itself.”

“It’s a bit of a cliche, but it’s true. In this case, the one constant in life is change. And folks got to get that figured out or they’re gonna fall behind.”

“Once again, as I really stated earlier, I don’t think there’s one size fits all. And there’s a place for everyone. But I don’t know that anything is going to be dominated by a channel per se, like distribution or online.”

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you stream. 

Madeline Hickey
Madeline Hickey