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Seriously though, this is not a joke! In the beauty and hospitality industries we treat and beau-tify everyone else for their day off or special occasion, but it’s important to sit back, relax and take care of little ol’ me too (with a glass of wine – duh).

This isn’t a new phenomenon in our industry, that’s why Modern Salon started their Healthy Hairdresser program,  but here’s our ask to you: What does “treating yourself” really mean?

    1.  Give yourself the gift of five minutes Yes, just five minutes! Not five minutes on a bathroom break, five minutes on Facebook or five minutes while you’re rocking the kiddo to sleep – five actual minutes to sit, reflect and think about a little three-letter word: Y-O-U.
    2. Eat well Meal planning can be a dirty word (it is in our house), but feeding your body with the proper fuel does two things: First, think of your energy – oh the energy… Can we get an espresso over here – and second, the self satisfaction! No matter how confident you are, we all cherish the glow our skin has when we’re healthy and well fed.
    3. Education Find something to learn, anything! Pick up a magazine, watch an online tutorial or just ask around for wisdom from your girl gang.
    4. Guilty pleasures Yes, yes and yes. We all have them. Here’s a quick list of ours: a lunch break blowout, all things chocolate, buying a second pair of our favorite shoes (because you can never have too much of a good thing – right?) and treating ourselves to a pamper sesh with our new Hello Salon Pro samples! Allow yourself to indulge at least once a month.