Joico Taps Jeannetta Walker-Rodgers as Global Technical Director


Joico is welcoming a new face to its team. The industry haircare leader recently named hairstylist and traveling educator Jeannetta Walker-Rodgers as its new Global Technical Director. In her new role, Walker-Rodgers will support the brand through the creation and implementation of color placement techniques, education, curriculum, content creation, and influence.

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Joico’s VP of Integrated Digital Marketing and Education, Valerie Robinett expressed enthusiasm for Walker-Rodgers’ recent appointment, sharing: “I am over the moon about our partnership with Jeannetta. From the moment we connected, I knew she would be a great fit for and with our team, and really aligned professionally and ‘joifully’ with the Joico brand. With her talent and experience, she had her choice of any pro brand to work with, and she chose us! Her know-how behind the chair, on the main stage, and behind the ‘virtual’ screen, from hair to industry knowledge, makes her a real mentor-leader and exemplary educator.”

A certified master colorist and texture expert, the Chicago-based stylist has more than 20+ years of experience in hairstyling, coloring, and extensions under her belt. Walker-Rodgers has not only racked up nominations for some of the beauty industry’s most coveted awards, but she’s also graced the main stages of prominent national shows including Hair Love Retreat, Texture vs. Race, Textured Hair Elevated, and many more.

In addition to being a celebrated color-transformation specialist, Walker-Rodgers has a passion for education and a dedication to teaching hairstylists across the globe how to be technically excellent in everything from color formulation and technique, to haircare and styling mastery. Her commitment to elevating others is just one of the many reasons Joico is so thrilled to join forces with her.

“Representation MATTERS. As a young stylist, I had to see people who looked like me in leadership positions and roles I wanted to work toward. Seeing women, and BIPOC leaders in the beauty industry—even though back in the day there were few—was reassurance for me that I could reach those goals of being an industry leader one day. I do not take my position in our industry lightly. The implications, inspiration, and impact are too important for future generations of industry artists…Especially artists who are often underrepresented, and do not fit into the ‘status quo.’ Walker-Rodgers says. “I do not believe I was afforded opportunities, like partnering with Joico for instance, to keep ideas and information to myself. I grow by watering others, making sure their leaves are as green as mine. I am unafraid to share knowledge; when I do, I learn even more. Partnering with a brand like Joico, I wholeheartedly believe will help me in this vision and in this work. This partnership has brought me much JOI to see how much work they do to build an equitable, inclusive, and diverse beauty community.”

To learn even more about Walker-Rodgers and why Joico is so excited to have her join their team, be sure to visit And for the latest updates from Joico, make sure to follow @joico on Instagram.

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