Kevin Luchmun and Kenny Duncan Lead Andis’ New Global Artistic Team


Congratulations are in order for Kevin Luchmun and Kenny Duncan! The two barbering icons have been tapped to lead Andis Company’s newly created Global Artistic Team. For his part, Luchmun will be responsible for guiding the brand’s efforts abroad as the “International Artistic Team Lead,” while Duncan, who currently serves as Andis’ U.S. Lead Educator, will lead the brand’s efforts in the U.S. and Canada as the new “North American Artistic Team Lead.”

According to a press release, these new roles will work to accelerate Andis’ presence on an international scale by building on it’s global reputation for world-class tools, education, and creative inspiration. As members of the brand’s Global Artistic Team, both Luchmun and Duncan will be instrumental in the development of educational programs for barbers and stylists as well as providing artistic direction for creative projects. Not to mention, both pros will play a critical role in the formation of a new wing of programs designed to nurture the creative talents of Andis’ creators.

Given the extensive experience and expertise that both Luchmun and Duncan bring to these roles, there’s no doubt that brand is in good hands.

Andis International Artistic Team Lead, Kevin Luchmun

Considered one of the UK’s most respected men’s stylists, Luchmun’s remarkable technical hair cutting skills has positioned him one of the most inspiring barbers, educators, and men’s stylists in the industry. Bringing an immense passion for photography as well as hairstyling, his work has been seen across social media, on the runway, and on the covers and in the pages of numerous international trade and consumer magazines.

For Luchmun, joining the Andis family is a dream come true as he’s always had deep rooted respect for the brand and a desire to work with them.

“Very early in my career I got the opportunity to work on the Andis stage at Salon International. From that moment I was passionate about Andis and I was always intent on working with the brand. For me there was never an alternative to Andis; I’ve waited a long time for this to come to fruition,” said Luchmun. “Now I’ve reached this point in my career and have so many achievements and accolades, the timing and the type of position couldn’t be more perfect. I look forward to working with Angie and the global education team to elevate Andis’ brand appeal and educational resource base, as well as highlighting the precision and performance of its industry-leading tools.”

Pictured: Kevin Luchmun

Speaking on Luchmun’s hire, Andis Global Education Manager Angie Perino said: “We pride ourselves in providing world-class educational programs and inspiration that provide the road map to a successful career. Kevin will be working closely with Kenny Duncan, to merge our educator network into a global vision that empowers barbers and stylists to express their individuality, maximize their creative talents and exceed their artistic potential through hair and imagery.”

Andis North American Artistic Team Lead Kenny Duncan

Working alongside Luchmun is Duncan, who is no stranger to the Andis brand given his past as Lead Educator. But education side, the stylist is just as well known for his work styling notable figures such as Michael B. Jordan and Philadelphia 76ers Ben Simmons.

“Kenny has been a crucial member of the Andis Education Team for many years, we are very proud to see him elevated to a role that allows him to express his endless creative visions,” said Perino. “Kenny will be serving the U.S. and Canada as a lead contributor for creative projects including photo shoots and various education programs. Kenny also leads our Global Virtual Competition Program that connects our barbers and stylists in a friendly duel to earn the title of Andis Master right from the comfort of their home, shop, or salon.”

Pictured: Kenny Duncan

For their first assignment as part of Andis Artistic Team, both Luchmun and Duncan will be leading the creation of FLUID Vol. 3 — the next installment of the brand’s widely successful FLUID series, which currently includes Vol. 1 and 2. This project will feature education videos and learning modules, in addition to a stunning lookbook with step-by-step guides for stylists and barbers on how to create the featured looks. For this assignment, Duncan will provide assistance in creating a vision for the collection, selecting models, coordinating photography and video, and finalizing all final edits.

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