Kossof Beauty Acquires Hair Dryer Brand Solano


Solano, one of the most trusted and dependable hair dryer brands in professional beauty, just found a new home with Kossof Beauty, LLC. The pro beauty company, which was founded by Alan Kossof, recently acquired the hair dryer brand from Beauty By Imagination (BBI Company).

Pictured: Alan Kossof, Founder of Kossof Beauty, LLC and Co-owner of Teddie Kossof Salon & Spa // Photo Credit: Kossof Beauty

Kossof, who co-owns Teddie Kossof Salon & Spa with his father Teddie Kossof, has a keen understanding of the demanding environment hairstylists  work in and the need of tools that are designed to meet those demanding expectations. With his experience as a dedicated and involved salon owner, there is no doubt that Solano’s future will be in very good hands.

“Alan has been one of Solano’s top customers for years. His father Teddie Kossof, founder of his namesake salon, was very close with the original owners of Solano,” said Fransesca Raminella, CEO of Beauty by Imagination. “When Alan and I first talked about Solano and its future, it was clear to me that he would be a passionate supporter of the development and growth of the brand. I’m happy Solano moves under Alan’s ownership and leadership, and wish him great success.”

Photo Credit: Solano

Back in early 2020, Kossof partnered with BBI Company to distribute Solano products to beauty pros and consumers through the newly formed website, www.solanousa.com/. An instant success, the website helped reconnect the pro beauty community with Solano and educated them on Solan’s extensive model line-up and supporting customers through the reactivation of the Solano Care and Repair Warranty Program.

Sharing his thoughts on the recent acquisition, Kossof said, “The acquisition of the Solano brand is near and dear to my heart, and loyal Solano customers are already recognizing our renewed commitment to the beauty industry. We recognize Solano’s past success was very much due to the commitment from the stylist who invested in a Solano hair dryer. We want to carry that forward, respecting the relationship that has been built for years.”

For more news regarding Solano, be sure to follow @solanousa on Instagram. 

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Camille Nzengung

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