Less than 10% of the Waste Created in Salon is Curbside Recyclabl‪e

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In honor of Earth Day, this week’s guest is Jennifer Wolanik from GLO. GLO (Green Life Organization), fueled by g2 revolution (g2), is a specialty recycling solutions company that creates innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for waste generated in the salon industry.  Jennifer talks about how GLO came to be and why they are focused on the beauty industry. She discusses the importance of how GLO recycles and recycling education.

COVID really hit the salon industry hard with all the plastic build-up due to the extra PPE. Jennifer explains how GLO really set out to help these businesses. She gives us details about GLO’s Salon Green Dreams Campaign and how through brand sponsorships, GLO can help many salons clean up their spaces. Don’t miss out on Jennifer’s steps to being more green-minded!

“We were in the trenches first of all when COVID happened and all the shutdowns happened.”

“I think it truly boils down to we’re just seeing a lack of education in the salon space when we first started GLO”

“We say start small, but be consistent. And don’t just try something and then quit. Just be very consistent. Tell that story and create that green-minded brand for your company.”

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you stream.

Madeline Hickey
Madeline Hickey