Meet the Team Behind CURLFEST Before its Triumphant Return


After a 3 year hiatus, CURLFEST, the 100% Black women-owned and largest natural beauty festival in America, is back! Taking place on July 15th at Randall’s Island in New York, CURLFEST is an empowering and uniquely magical experience where women and girls of every shade, shape, and size can come together and be celebrated for who they are.

In celebration of its return after a pandemic-induced hiatus, this year, the festival will be taking on the theme, “The Bounce Back.” A play on words, this theme honors the resilience of not just curly hair, but of the women who gave rise to the community that gathers around the event year after year.

As a pioneer in the natural beauty industry, CURLFEST continues to provide immersive safe spaces for Black folx & Black beauty to be celebrated, unconditionally. In a country where laws still have to be passed to protect women of color from discrimination based on their hair, the need to affirm their beauty is more important than ever.

This year, CURLFEST has cultivated an exclusive list of beauty brands, surprise performers, and they’re highlighting up to 100 small, Black businesses to kick off their big return! Attendees will be greeted by booths and activations, curated fashion vendors, live art installations, celebrity appearances, and speakers sessions—all set to live music and expertly curated vibes.

Meet The Founders Behind The CURL Craze:

Pictured, from left to right: Simone Mair, Tracey Coleman, Charisse Higgins, Gia Lowe, and Melody Henderson. Image Credit: CURLFEST

Tracey Coleman

Co-Founder + Traveling Foodie 

As both a writer and art director, Tracey uses her unique experience in beauty advertising to help spread the CURLFEST brand, events and mission around the globe. 

Melody Henderson

Creative Director + Carnival Queen 

A true fine artist with decades of experience in art direction and marketing, Melody is the design guru behind our logo and all things creative for the business.

Charisse Higgins  

Chief Executive Officer + Culture Champion

A public-relations guru with a passion for culture, Charisse cultivates community relationships and leads the growth and development of the CURLFEST business. 

Gia Lowe

Strategic Partnerships Director + Master Connector 

An experienced account director with a gift of cultivating fruitful relationships, Gia is the client whisperer, responsible for connecting the right brands to the CURLFEST audience.

Simone Mair

Operations Director + Award-Winning Volunteer

An extensive background in both project management and technical support come in hand as Simone leads the business operations and festival production of CURLFEST. 

If you’re interested in joining CURLFEST to redefine what beautiful looks like, tickets are available here!

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Corbin Woessner

Corbin Woessner is currently a Graphic Design/Editorial Intern at The Tease. Corbin loves thrifting, all things crafts, and adding eye gems to spice up her eye makeup. To keep her hair looking healthy, strong and soft, Corbin adores using her favorite brand Eva NYC’s products.

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