MUSINGS: Whitney VerMeer’s Optimistic About the Future of the Hair Industry and Teases New Addition to CROSSOVER Collection


In times of uncertainty, it’s natural to turn inward and reflect on what brings us encouragement and inspiration. For award-winning hairstylist Whitney VerMeer, touchstones include architecturally-inspired hair designs and a black and white aesthetic. Long-time model and muse Hayley Albrecht, too.

VerMeer directed, styled and shot the collection herself before the COVID-19 outbreak, but it couldn’t feel more of the moment. There’s a certain live wire quality to this work. Hair is soft and sharp in equal parts.

We spoke with VerMeer in the thick of the pandemic and got the inside scoop on her creative process, what it’s like to use her own scissor line (developed with Mizutani), and her thoughts on the future of the salon professional industry.

The Tease: What inspired you for this shoot?

Whitney VerMeer: This look was inspired by my model, Hayley. I have cut her hair for so many different shoots. From long hair to faded sides, to an undercut with a high fade. And now, a bob. She is in the process of growing her hair out, so I wanted to give her a cut that was precision, but still has movement.

What products and tools did you use?

I used a clipper to cut the bob blunt and the new Whitney VerMeer X Mizutani Scissors Crossover Thinning Usuba to create movement and texture throughout the shape. I finished the look with a product I have been working on for nearly two years. (Stay tuned for more info!)

And what techniques did you use for this cut?

I first cut the perimeter with my clipper and created movement throughout the weight line by using the tip of my thinning scissor.

How are you feeling about this current moment?

With the state of the world, of course I feel fear and sadness for everyone who has been impacted by COVID-19. In regard to the hair and beauty industry—I actually feel very positive about the future. The mandatory closing of salons has really brought people together through social media to cultivate creativity in a new way that I think is the reset some of us need to renew our love for our craft.

I am looking forward to creating again and also using my skillset to provide normalcy to my clients again.

Finally, is there anything else you’d like to share with The Tease?

I will be releasing another scissor this fall! The Whitney VerMeer x Mizutani Crossover Scissor Thinning Usuba. It’s a continuation of the Crossover Collection from last fall.

CROSSOVER is for the ultimate creative freedom; it is the definitive artists tool. The CROSSOVER Scissor line has two ring sizes/designs for right and left hands: CR-1 (men’s) and CR-2 (women’s). This scissor lends itself to unrestricted creativity for EVERY artist.

If you aren’t familiar with VerMeer’s work, click here to learn more.

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