Myavana Makes Its Metaverse Debut With the Launch of Its New Web3 Experience “In The Lab With Myavana”


Myavana, a Black-owned, female-founded beauty-tech company based in Atlanta, is diving headfirst into the digital world with the launch of its first-of-its-kind Web3 Metaverse experience, “In The Lab with Myavana.” 

As a company that sits at the intersection of beauty and technology, Myavana’s goal for its immersive digital space is to provide re-education on textured hair care and inspire underrepresented groups to consider technology as a career space. 

A close look at the salon in Myavana’s new metaverse experience. Image Courtesy of Myavana

From now until August 2024, visitors will be able to fully immerse themselves in the brand’s unique 3D virtual space that includes a lobby, salon, living room, lab, and classroom. Each room comes with its own unique set of offerings for visitors:

  • Lobby: Serving as the homebase throughout the experience, this is where visitors will receive a complimentary Myavana Hair Strand Analysis Kit (valued at $99) upon entry.
  • Salon: Visitors will be greeted by Myavana CEO and founder Candace Harris as well as have the opportunity to use the AI Hair tool to garner instant hair solutions and product recommendations. Additionally, visitors can book a virtual consultation with  Myavana hair experts and professional stylists.
  • Living Room: Equipped with comfy parlor decor, this chic room is where a live-streamed discussion on “The Future of Beauty Through Web3, AI, and Algorithms, took place between Harris and Ulta Beauty’s Senior Director of Digital Innovation, Agustina Sartori. You can view the recording here.
  • Classroom: Visitors can gain access to an extensive video library of textured hair care re-education featuring lessons from Myavana’s Chief Hair Officer and Head of R&D, Robin D. Groover as well as Chief Hair Consultant & Head of Stylist Partnerships, Karen Marie.
  • Lab: Dedicated to the science of hair, this area is where visitors are able to take a microscopic look at the type, texture, and conditions of hair strands guided by Myavana’s Chief Hair Analyst, Tanisha Billups.
Image Courtesy of Myavana

Myavana’s foray into the metaverse coincides with National Coding Week, which takes place September 18-25. By launching launching its digital venture during this time, the brand hopes to expose underrepresented groups to coding and to increase digital literacy in an engaging way—ultimately, inspiring women and girls to become coders or computer scientists and to help solve problems that they are facing in their own lives, similar to what Myavana’s founder has done.

To visit Myavana’s new metaverse experience “In the Lab with Myavana,” be sure to click here. And for the latest news about the brand, be sure to follow @MyavanaHairCare on Instagram.

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