Never Want to See Another Swirl In My Life.’ – What Your Nail Artist Might Not Be Telling You.

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How many of us have had swirls on our nails in the past couple of months? Don’t lie. Most of us did. Well, our guest this week is here to tell us that she is so over that trend and ready to move on. Gabbie of @trillanails joined us this week to talk about herself and all things NAILS! Gabbie is a creative that specializes in content creation, beauty imagery and nail artistry. She creates vibrant concepts that connect with other beauty enthusiasts and brands to celebrate real emotions and social identities that make us truly who we are!

Not only did we get the rundown on Gabbie’s nail technician journey but on her nail journey to success. From her nailaversary (the day she celebrates her first nail set every year) to the color nude, Kelly and Gabbie cover everything in this fun and artistic interview. For any nail lovers, this is the interview for you! 

Join in to hear all about what nail trends may be next on your Instagram feed. 

“When you are pure, when you have a lot of thoughtfulness with people, they can feel that. Because it is also like an energy exchange. If my client is going through a lot, I feel that during our appointment.”

“Nail artists have been around for so long. We have been setting trends this entire time and no one has talked about it.”

“Your nails are a part of you…Do not forget the nails.”

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you stream and head over to our Instagrams @Readthetease and @volumeupbythetease.

Madeline Hickey
Madeline Hickey