Olaplex Debuts “What’s In” Podcast That Will Explore Emerging Beauty, Health, and Lifestyle Trends


If you’ve been on the search for a new beauty-focused podcast to listen to, look no further than Olaplex. The cult-favorite hair brand recently announced the launch of its new bi-weekly podcast, What’s In with Olaplex, which will be produced in partnership with award-winning production company, FRQNCY Media.

Courtesy of Olaplex

With Olaplex’s Director of Professional Community & Spokesperson Danielle Frank serving as its host, the podcast will explore emerging beauty, health, and lifestyle trends that empower listeners to embrace their most whole and beautiful selves, as well as reflect on current trends that could result in the opposite.

Each episode of What’s In will feature a conversation led by Frank with friends and colleagues from the beauty, health, and wellness space. Some of the guests who are expected to make an appearance on the podcast include hairstylists and influencers Jackie Chan and Guy Tang, eyebrow expert and celebrity eyebrow specialist Joey Healy, beauty social media influencer Danae Mercer Ricci, psychology professor Inna Kanevsky, and many more. And, listeners can expect topics such as hair advice, beauty filters, TikTok therapy, gut health, and eyebrows trends, among many others, to be covered on the podcast.

With its new podcast What’s In, Olaplex hopes to redefine trends in the context of mental wellness and self-acceptance while taking a more critical look at current beauty standards and styles. Through engaging and informative discussions, listeners can expect to learn about the latest beauty practices, gain insights into the beauty industry, and discover new ways to take care of themselves.

Olaplex’s Director of Professional Community & Spokesperson Danielle Frank is the host of What’s In podcast. Courtesy of Olaplex.

What’s In is going to take listeners on a journey of self-reflection, but in a way that’s judgment-free and no B.S.,” says Frank, who was the former host of Olaplex’s Beauty Uncovered podcast. “Beauty products are only a small part of the intersection of beauty and wellness culture. I’m excited to focus more on shifting out of impossible standards and instead creating space for more expansive and inclusive definitions of beauty. It’s important that we reflect on how current trends prevent us from being at peace, not just with how we look to others but also with how we feel about ourselves.”

If you’re ready to hear Frank and her guests talk about all things beauty, health, lifestyle, be sure to listen and subscribe on any of the major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts

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