OLAPLEX Hosts Virtual Hair Show for Stylists Amid COVID-19 Closures


As the spread of COVID-19 continues to cause concern, many brands and stylists in the salon professional industry are experiencing much uncertainty and distress. While closures and cancellations were the first step to protecting stylists and clients against the pandemic, many brands are unsure how to proceed in supporting the community through this unprecedented time.

However, OLAPLEX has taken a unique approach. Last week, the hair care company brought numerous brands together for a two-day Virtual Hair Show for the OLAPLEX Users private Facebook group. The goal of the show was to keep hairstylists inspired and educated during this stressful time.


Senior Education Manager, Danielle Frank shared with The Tease that the show consisted of “30-minute classes from 10am to as late as 9pm, involving hair techniques, business advice, photography, social media skills, and about a dozen different companies offering education on their products and show deals.”

Brands participating in the show included OLAPLEX, Framar, Trionics, California Glam, amika, Babe Hair Extensions, Malibu C, HALOCOUTURE, Design.ME, AntidotPro, Blackpants and Kenra Professional.

The event, which Frank and her team pulled together in just two days, gave a platform for educators from all over the world to showcase their products, brands and talent to the group of over 100,000 hairstylists.

“One of our educators suggested if nobody can go to the Hair Shows, why not bring the Hair Shows to them? We quickly realized, in the current environment where so many hairstylists are not working and the news seemed bleak, we needed to create something that showed our community that we did not forget them. We knew that other companies would feel the same,” Frank explained.


“The response was overwhelmingly positive. Aside from the good will from all the brands that participated, the educators really took the time to come up with classes that would bring value to the community,” she continued.

Frank’s team would not have been able to pull off such a successful event without the support of the company. “We couldn’t have accomplished this without our COO Tiffany Walden who understood what we wanted to accomplish and understood the urgency in shifting our focus. Her and CEO JuE Wong‘s concerns for our hair community and the industry as a whole is not something you often see in the business world,” she said.

In addition to the Virtual Hair Show, OLAPLEX continues to support the salon professional industry during this time. “Our focus has shifted to the practical. Our CEO, JuE Wong, was touched by the devotion of clients to their hairstylists. [So], she quickly created our Affiliate Program as a way for clients to continue to support their beloved hairstylists by purchasing retail on OLAPLEX.com. Hairdressers will gain 35% of the sale while their salons are closed,” Frank shared.


During the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, Frank recommends that effected hairstylists “take this time to educate yourself on everything. Marketing, business, photography, hair techniques…. everything. Come back from this experience as a better stylist and businessperson.” She continues, “and secondly, actively look for ways to help. To quote Mr. Rogers, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ Helping others is the most empowering thing you can do.”

For OLAPLEX, one of the most important things right now is making sure that hairstylists feel supported during this time. “Since the launch of OLAPLEX in 2014, we have stood beside the hairdresser. We are here with you now, and we will be with you when we are back where we belong—behind the chair,” Frank stated.

Click here to join the OLAPLEX Users Facebook group, and be sure to check out the Affiliate Program here.

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