Olivia Garden Adds New Dazzle Brushes to its Ever-growing OG Brush Collection


Your beauty tool making bestie Olivia Garden has just announced the launch of its newest edition to the OG Brush Collection, the Dazzle Brushes. Made with 100% recycled materials, excluding the cushions and bristles, the Olivia Garden Dazzle Brushes are a familiar but new metallic colorway. Stylists can add shine to their stations with the assured quality and eco-friendly promise of Olivia Garden. 

Engineered with a scalp-hugging curved design, the Dazzle Brushes have been crafted for gentle, damage-free styling that provides comfort to stylists and their clients. Designed with fully removable cushions, these easy-to-clean brushes are sure to be the new go-to for the metallic lover in any salon. 

Image courtesy of Olivia Garden

“The Dazzle Collection is something we’re incredibly excited to share with our customers,” said Olivia Garden co-owner Anne Maza. “Providing eco-friendly options in as many colorways as possible is the best way to ensure new and returning clients can make the decisions about their tool kits that they can feel good about. These brushes are representative of our overall commitment to green practices and customer satisfaction.” 

The Dazzle OG Brush Collection

  • The Gold Styling Brush: Features a special blend of boar & nylon bristles that eliminate frizz and flyaways  for superior styling, updos, and  daily care on all hair types 
  • The Sliver Detangler for Fine To Medium Hair: Featuring special, gentle bristles for fine hair that provide easy and damage-free detangling 
  • The Bronze Detangler for Medium to Thick Hair: Featuring comfortable ballpoint-tipped bristles for damage-free detangling
  • The Bronze Mini Detangler: The perfect, compact on-the-go OG brush

Perfect for any stylist, this limited-edition collection demonstrates the Olivia Garden quality guaranteed in all of their products, while offering pros and prosumers alike a way to express themselves through their tools.

Available while supplies last, the Dazzle Collection can now be purchased at Olivia Garden’s website. For more information about Olivia Garden, be sure to follow the brand on InstagramTikTok and Facebook.

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