Olivia Garden Speeds Up Your Drying Time With Their New ThermoVent Brushes


If you’re a stylist looking to add a new brush to your styling arsenal, look no further than Olivia Garden. The beloved professional hair tool company just debuted their new collection of ThermoVent brushes that’s sure to be a game changer for any salon pro hoping to speed up the blow-dry process.

The ThermoVent brushes feature a patented one-piece ventilated barrel design that not only allows stylists to dry hair faster and have their styles retain their shape, but it also helps reduce damage from over-drying. Thanks to its scalp-hugging barrel (which is fully ventilated), heat and cool shot is able to reach inside of the brush head to allow for longer lasting and more natural results.

Olivia Garden Co-Owner Anne Maza couldn’t help but express her excitement about introducing this groundbreaking technology to the salon industry.

“We are incredibly proud to debut our game-changing ThermoVent technology to the hair community with our newest brush line,” said Maza, in a statement. “This technology has been years in the making as we perfected the one-piece fully ventilated design. Not only is this brush absolutely stunning. I will change how stylists dry and style their clients’ hair. It’s like no other brush that’s on the market right now.”

Ideal for all hair types, especially textured hair, the ThermoVent brushes have a unique combination of both natural boar and ionic bristles which allow for perfect tension control and the elimination of frizz and flyaways. The bristles are also anti-static which will help hydrate your client’s cuticles and bring mega-watt shine to their strands, no matter if you’re adding volume or straightening the hair.

While there is so much to love about the ThermoVent brush collection, a definite highlight is the fact that each brush comes with a non-slip rubber handle that’s perfectly shaped to easily rotate the tool while it’s in use as well as a retractable sectioning pick.

Available in four sizes (1 ¾” 44mm, 2” 51mm, 2 ½ 64mm, and 3”76mm), the ThermoVent brushes can be purchased at select Olivia Garden retailers, as well as on the company’s website.

For more product announcements, be sure to follow @oliviagardenint on Instagram.

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