Our Favorite Hair-Based Halloween Costumes for This Season


With Halloween right around the corner, it can be hard to not feel as though this spooky holiday has once again snuck up on you. If you have lots of Halloween events to attend, it can often feel like a chore to come up with enough costumes. This year, take the stress out of Halloween costume planning, and use your hair as the base of your look. Here are a few easy and inexpensive ways to do so!

Billie Eilish

Although Billie Eilish has moved on from her signature slime green hair, it still works as a fun and recognizable costume. For this look, you can apply green hair chalk to your roots, covering about 2-3 inches of hair. Scour your closet for your baggiest outfit and a pair of sunglasses and you are certain to look like the Grammy-winning artist. 

Princess Leia

Princess Leia’s hairstyle is extremely iconic, which allows this to be the key component of the costume. All you need to do to nail her look is replicate the large, cinnamon-roll like buns and simply wear your favorite white dress. 

Harley Quinn

If you do not want to buy or make the entirety of a Harley Quinn costume, focusing on the hair is surely enough to get the point across. All you need to do is put your hair in two high ponytails and spray them with L’Oreal’s 1 day color spray in the shades hot pink and blue. Pair it with some sort of red top and black fishnets. 


If you wanted to take on a craft project for your look this year, you could recreate Dani from Midsommer’s May Queen flower crown. Just head over to your local craft or dollar store, and pick up some fake flowers and wire. Craft the base of the crown from wire measured at the right size to fit over your head and then glue fake flowers to the entire circumference. Pair the piece with a white dress and have fun embodying Florence Pugh’s iconic role.

Rosie the Riveter 

If you want to avoid temporary hair color or are simply very low on time, Rosie the Riveter is a classic costume you could go for this year. Just wrap your hair in a red bandana, tying it at the top. Accompany the look with a blue button down and an optional “we can do it” sign, and you’ll be ready to go.

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Manon Bushong

Manon Bushong is currently an Editorial Intern at The Tease. Manon adores liquid eyeshadows, thrifting, and spontaneously changing her hair color. Manon loves experimenting with semi-permanent hair color, and her favorite brands for them are Overtone and Loreal Colorista.


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