Paula Peralta and John Mosley Join JPMS as Artistic Directors


John Paul Mitchell Systems is welcoming two new faces to their creative team. The professional hair care brand recently tapped revered educators Paula Peralta and John Mosley as their newest Artistic Directors.

At JPMS, the Artistic Directors are a powerhouse team of award-winning artists, owners, leaders, visionaries, and mentors who bring vast experience, an eye for innovation, and a deep commitment to artistry and education. With their recent appointments, both Peralta and Mosley join the likes of fellow artistic directors such as Angus Mitchell, Robert Cromeans, and Colin Caruso.

Both professionals bring extensive experience and expertise to their new roles. A graduate of Paul Mitchell The School Costa Mesa, Peralta is a long-standing member of the JPMS family.  A successful salon owner and craft hairdresser, the curly hair specialist is always looking for ways to educate others and create connections.

JPMS Artistic Director Paula Peralta

“From my first moments as a Future Professional at Paul Mitchell the School until now, I have admired and been inspired by a long line of Paul Mitchell Artistic Directors,” said Peralta, in a statement. “I am honored and delighted that JPMS has invited me to join and contribute to such a rich heritage. We’re in an exciting moment in time, and I am looking forward to everything we will create together to celebrate and elevate hairdressers and the beauty industry.”

Mosley is a barber icon who brings an impressive celebrity clientele (which includes Kendrick Lamar and Idris Elba), exceptional talent, a knack for artistic leadership, and a passion for inspiring up-and-coming barbers. He was named Barbercon Educator of the Year in 2019 and is a master of branding with his finger always on the pulse on the hairdressing industry.

JPMS Artistic Director John Mosley

“I’m honored and thankful that a company like JPMS would look at all the things I bring to the table and see my value,” said Mosley. “Taking on this new role means a great deal to me. There’s no time to waste — we have a job to do, and it starts with my passion and love for this industry.”

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