Recreate Kim K’s ‘Clueless’ Halloween Look with Tips from Celebrity Hairstylist Davontae Washington


By now you’ve likely seen the post. Kim Kardashian and her eldest daughter, North, opted to dress as Cher and Dionne from the actually iconic 1995 film “Clueless.” Kim as Alicia Silvertone’s Cher Horowitz, had the perfect honey blonde wig. Nailing that essential, 90s volume was all thanks to celebrity hairstylist Davontae Washington with whom she collaborated.

The Tease connected with Washington on Kim’s inspo and the process. Keep scrolling for everything you need to know!

Capturing Cher

“So this Halloween look was Cher from Clueless and Kim collaborated on this look with her daughter North West, as Dion, Cher’s best friend,” explains Washington. Adding, “We decided to duplicate that exact same hairstyle Cher had in the movie. She had lots of layers and movement. She had your iconic Beverly Hills dirty, blonde blowout and we wanted to pay homage to that.”

Get the Look:

  1. To prep the wig, I drenched it with water and followed with milk_shake’s glistening serum. I blow dried it to get the wig as silky as possible for movement.
  2. Once the wig was fully dried, I started giving the wig some layers for movement, because Cher had layered hair. This gives the hair so much more volume and body when using any kind of hot tool and manipulating the natural texture of the hair.
  3. So once we were pleased with the layers and length of the wig, I used the CHI Lava 1” Curling Iron and started curling the hair and pinning the sections to set the curls.
  4. After her makeup was fully done, I applied the wig to Kim’s head using a glue adhesive.
  5. Then, we took down the pins and followed with a round brush and my Dyson blow dryer to loosen the curls. I used the IGK First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo for texture and to eliminate oils. This was all to give it the iconic Clueless look.

“In the movie, she would play with her hair and redirect it all the time. It was so expensive looking but natural at the same time and we wanted to duplicate and channel that exact feel.” Turns out, with Washington’s help, Kim’s a total Betty!

If you recreate for yourself or for a client, we want to see it! Don’t be shy, tag The Tease on Instagram and TikTok.

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