Salon Pro Survival Kit

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Every Salon Pro’s bag should act as an all-preparedness kit – with little time in between clients, you Salon Pro’s have just moments to freshen up and collect yourselves. All things considered, we find these items to be must-haves for our salon warriors in black.


After standing on your feet for hours on end tending to clients tresses, you’re bound to get hungry. But with limited time, having a quick, easy and mess-free snack on hand is of vital importance. We suggest a protein bar, fruit or some nuts to keep you full.


Unless you want your clients to start searching for a new stylist, follow up your snack by popping a mint or chewing some gum. The last thing you want is your client getting a whiff of your bad breath.


Just as important as freshening your breath is freshening your body. Keep a small roll-on perfume in your bag for an afternoon-refresh (maybe even some deodorant). Salons already have a lot of smells going on so don’t overdo it or choose strong, potent scents.

Lint Roller

Don’t let lint, hair or miscellaneous fuzz ruin your impeccable black outfit. Carry a travel-size lint roller in your bag to ensure you remain lint-free throughout the day.

Signature Lipstick

Unless you’re one of those people who never messes up their lipstick, you’re bound to need a refresh at some point during the day. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your lipstick or gloss at home and always carry your signature with you to touch up.

Blotting Papers

With all that standing, coloring, washing and styling, it’s only natural that your t-zone gets a little shiny. Be prepared with blotting papers and maybe even some powder to give your face a refresh.

Pain Reliever

There is no time for aches and pains when you have clients to tend to – keep some pain reliever on hand for when those pesky headaches strike.