Scaring Away Holiday Stress with JCPenney Salon



The holidays can be hard for anyone, but stylists have normal holiday stress times 1000! Clients want to look their best for their work parties, family festivities and holiday getaways. With constant bookings, we know that stylists have little (or no) time for themselves or self-care.  

The key to keeping above water during “the busy season” is a strong supportive foundation in your work environment. We talked with a handful of JCPenney Salon stylists from all around the country to see how they cope with holiday stress, and how JCPenney Salon’s company culture helps them to keep their cool. See what they had to say!

Brittnay Watson, Chicago, Illinois

“The way I deal with the stress of the holiday season is by finding work/life balance.

When I am at work I focus on excellent customer service and making sure my clients are happy. At home I make sure to spend quality time with my family. That reminds me that my clients just want to feel the same joy which makes providing them with great customer service easy.

Brittnay Watson

I feel fortunate that I have a salon manager who requires the team to collaborate in all aspects. We as a team help each other in any way possible, whether it’s helping each other with a client or helping each other with cleaning and organizing. The culture of the salon is to step up and make sure we all have success.”

Taylor Allison, Frisco, Texas

“The holidays are a blast. Booked is blessed! It’s worth it to say the least, maybe a little extra concealer and shot of espresso. Plenty of fluids and remember to eat something. 

We have an amazing team running the front desk. Here’s a reminder to always prebook. JCPenney helps by running amazing sales with early and extended hours.

Taylor Allison

Events happen often, so we always have something going on and the exposure is awesome. 

Our salon is quite large and it operates comfortably. We’re open 7 days a week, have a stylist for every hair type and accept walk-ins upon availability. Commission based pay starting at 50% and benefits. Penney’s and Possibilities…”

Dariela Montaño, Eagle Pass, Texas

“I try to stay organized with appointments and confirmation calls. Once my appointments are set for the month, I prepare myself with snacks to have just in case I don’t have time to take a lunch.

Last but not least I take my hours of sleep very seriously, because sometimes a day in the salon can be up to 10-12 hours.

Dariela Montaño

Also, an energy drink or a coffee (when needed) can be your best friend during the holidays!

We all try to stay as organized and stocked up on products as possible so no one is running the day of any appointments or in front of the clients. Also the company provides food and beverages on holidays so everyone can give their 100% to attend to the clients needs.”

It’s obvious that JCPenney Salon creates a supportive environment with great benefits to help you get through the holiday season, when you need it most! Are you interested in surrounding yourself with great stylists like these in a great salon? Head to to find a salon near you and apply today.

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