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We never thought shears could evoke so much emotion…until we found these. We’re convinced that these shears will make you cringe, gasp and question why on EARTH someone would ever let their hairdresser put these anywhere near their head. Seriously, these could be used to trim the hedges in our front yard.

@nickthebarber posted a video to his IG using the giant (honestly, giant is kind of an understatement) shears to trim his client’s hair. Picture two large kitchen knives attached like a pair of scissors. That’s exactly what he uses on his client’s locks. Throughout the duration of the video, we’re holding our breath and hoping he doesn’t nip the guy’s ear off.

Honestly, we’re not exactly sure what the advantages of using these shears are…aside from acquiring a wicked strong forearm.

While his precision may be next level, we’re still adding these clippers to the long list of things we’re letting nowhere near our locks. One user agrees with us, commenting “What the hell…Blow torches, hedge clippers, chainsaws, how bout giving a decent haircut with a pair of regular shears…stop with the theatrics, someone’s gonna lose an ear.” Sorry Nick, but we’re going to keep the knives in the kitchen.