Should The FDA Be Doing More To Regulate Beauty?


A pair of good eyelashes can take a look from drab to fab IF you can get them on perfectly and they don’t fall off halfway through your event. If your lashes aren’t perfect sometimes it feels like it’s not worth putting them on at all. 

There are always so many questions when it comes to lashes. Why is the glue burning your eye? Should I switch to magnetic lashes? Are liquid magnets that close to your eye any better than the chemical that burned your eye with glue? How can I look my best when worrying about all of these question marks?

Lisa Goshon, president of LGI Inc. and entrepreneur,  struggled with all of these unknowns just like many others who wear lashes. She decided enough was enough and went to look for a solution to her problems. After much research and testing, she found the perfect solution in her product, Goodbye Glue

Goodbye Glue strips are the first “medical-grade” adhesive strips designed to attach false eyelashes. Made with hypoallergenic material, chemical-free, 24-hour wear, water resistant, and easy to apply, they are FDA-approved and the safest, healthiest way to apply false eyelashes.

Lisa joins Volume Up by The Tease to discuss her journey into being a beauty entrepreneur, with a PPE background, the conception of Goodbye Glue, the patent process and why the FDA should look to regulate more cosmetic brands to keep the consumer safe. 

The episode is full of fun, plus a demonstration of how to apply lashes with the strips. Head to wherever you stream podcasts for a listen. 

“‘There’s got to be a better way to  put on lashes in the market.’ So I started researching and then I came across magnets and I said, ‘Oh, okay this is it.’ That wasn’t it… And I said, ‘No, I’m gonna make something. I’m gonna make something.’ And so that’s where kind of the birth of Goodbye Glue started, it was just me as a consumer.”

“First of all, beauty isn’t pain. Beauty should be safe.”

“Imagine being able to put on your lashes in seconds instead of waiting for glue to dry, worrying about glue being bad, ruining your lashes. How many lashes have you ladies ruined because you got glue on them, you’re trying to dig it out?”

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you stream and head over to our Instagrams @Readthetease and @volumeupbythetease.

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