Simplify. If Your Skincare Routine Is More Than 3 Steps You’re Doing It Wrong


In last week’s episode, we talked about “clean beauty” with clean beauty influencer Laura Ehlers. If understanding and getting a grasp on what “clean beauty” means wasn’t hard enough, this week we were joined by Dr. Liia to talk about  “medically clean beauty”. 

Dr. Liia Ramachandra, Pharm.D., Ph.D. is a serial entrepreneur and healthcare executive. Dr Liia is the Founder and CEO EpiLynx, Gluten-Free Skin Care and Cosmetics Brand. She comes with a vast experience in Global Medical Affairs, Global Ethics and Compliance, Clinical Research and Global Publications. She has worked with multiple companies like Takeda Pharmaceuticals Inc, Pfizer, Astellas. Dr. Liia holds a Master’s degree in Pharmacy and Doctorate in Pharmacy from Groningen University, Netherlands and Ph.D. from the University of Utrecht, Netherlands.

Liia Ramachandra fills many roles in her day to day life. From being a CEO and a mother to being a doctor and a patient. It was her role as a patient that instilled in her a desire to create Dr. Liia®. 

Dr. Liia not only discussed “medically clean beauty”, but dropped a ton of knowledge! Dr. Liia discussed why simple skincare is better for your skin and what products aren’t necessary for your everyday routine. Tune in for all this plus some bonus thoughts on sunscreen, hand sanitizer and going from developing medicine to skincare.

“I think the first year and a half really went into the research. You can’t just start a product based business like ‘I start tomorrow’, you have to do research. Like you said, there’s a lot of greenwashing, there’s what is medically clean, what do I want to be, who is my customer, right.”

“You need to know why each ingredient is put in that specific product and what that ingredient will do with the cells of your skin or with your gut when ingested. Because when you put lipstick or under eye cream or anything it will be absorbed in your bloodstream and possibly ingested in your gut.”

“Honestly, you don’t need eye cream. If eye cream is the only thing you use, then use eye cream. But I always say face wash, serum, face cream with spf, that’s all you need”

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