Simplify Your Beauty Routine with Alleyoop’s Multi-Use Products


We’re all always looking for ways to simplify our beauty routine. From skincare to makeup, having such a wide range of products to use can be overwhelming. One brand aiming to minimize routines and make beauty easy is Alleyoop. Offering a variety of high-quality makeup, skincare and body products, Alleyoop has something for everyone.

Founded in 2019 by Leila Kashani, Alleyoop gives your time back to you through products that simplify your routine instead of overcomplicating it. Made for the girl on the go, each offering is multi-use and formulated to increase efficiency.

Developed Authentically

With Alleyoop, customers no longer have to sacrifice their free time for a twenty-step skincare and makeup routine. Developed with the modern woman in mind, the beauty brand allows all users to simplify their beauty methods by decreasing the number of products needed for great skincare and glam.

Alleyoop is all about working with real women and catering to their needs. In fact, they pride themselves on being a community-powered brand that inspires users to live their best lives. Each product offering is tested by and improved upon by their “co-creators,” a group of ambitious women who help the brand develop products everyone will love and appreciate.

Multi-Use Products

Alleyoop uses versatile formulas that allow single products to do more than just one thing. In addition to taking up less time, their products are also designed to take up less space without sacrificing your beauty needs. A vegan and cruelty-free brand, their offerings include everything from face palettes and eye shadow sticks to lip lotion and cleansing sticks.

The Pen Pal 4-in-1 makeup pen contains four essential makeup products, an eyeliner, highlighter, lip liner and eyebrow pencil, in one click pen that can easily be thrown into a purse and used on-the-go.

Alternatively, the Spot Me all-in-one spot treatment treats bumps, blemishes and ingrown hairs with one simple formula. In addition to makeup and skincare products, Alleyoop also provides body care products. Their most popular offering is the All-in-One Razor. Made for shower-free shaving, the compact includes a refillable spray bottle, a shea butter moisturizing bar and two triple-blade razor cartridges to ensure a clean shave every use.

Alleyoop is truly making beauty, skin and body care easy for everyone. And we’re obsessed!

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