Take Curls to the Next Level With CURLDAZE


Robyn Atwater (aka the original “CurlDaze”), a trusted hair influencer, launched CURLDAZE Hair Care in 2020 after struggling with years of hair loss. With only three years under their belt, CURLDAZE has and continues to be a huge hit within the natural hair community—their products are quite literally flying off the shelves and constantly selling out. 

Turning her dream into reality, Atwater grew her now successful social media platforms, and began developing the CURLDAZE Hair Care line. Today, Atwater has 143,000 followers on Instagram, a little over 153,000 followers on TikTok and just under 65,000 subscribers on YouTube

Since the brand’s debut in 2020, CURLDAZE has had a whirlwind of success—selling tens of thousands of units to date. At the start, Atwater sold CURLDAZE products solely through social media, but now the brand has made its way into more than 300 stores and e-commerce retailers including Black-owned beauty supply stores like Strandz Unlimited and BeautyBeez and others such as CVS, Target and Rite-Aid!

What makes CURLDAZE so effective are the natural ingredients that regenerate both the hair and scalp. The stylers in the Kukui Oil Collection were designed not just to define curls, but also to fortify and moisturize them. CURLDAZE’s key ingredient is kukui nut oil which is packed with vitamins A, C, E and Omega-3 acids. These ingredients work to penetrate the hair strand allowing users to retain both moisture and length.

CURLDAZE’s collection offers all kinds of products ranging from their Silky Hydration Cream Shampoo ($12.99) and Silky Hydration Detangling Conditioner ($12.99) all the way to their Glossy Shine Gel ($12.99) and newest viral sensation—the Creamy Curl Styler ($16.99).

Due to its above and beyond results, easy-to-use application, innovative formula and budget friendly price point, the Creamy Curl Styler has recently gained immense popularity across multiple social media platforms. In addition to promoting healthier, shinier hair, the Creamy Curl Styler repairs and renews dry, damaged curls. As soon as the product touches your natural hair or even your wig, it instantly moisturizes and defines curls—something that fans cannot stop raving about!

If you’re on the market for a shiny, defined and soft twist-out, braid-out or wash that will last for “DAZE,” this styler is definitely for you. 

For more information on CURLDAZE and their products, be sure to check out their Instagram!

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Corbin Woessner

Corbin Woessner is currently a Graphic Design/Editorial Intern at The Tease. Corbin loves thrifting, all things crafts, and adding eye gems to spice up her eye makeup. To keep her hair looking healthy, strong and soft, Corbin adores using her favorite brand Eva NYC’s products.


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