Taking the Plunge into Being Your Own Boss


Let’s be honest, becoming my own boss right after the pandemic hit wasn’t the easiest thing to do. In fact, it was terrifying! However, watching all the hard work, dedication, time, and money that I put into my career blossom into something great was so rewarding.

I spent years feeling like something was missing as both an assistant and commission stylist. Yes, those jobs can be rewarding, but I couldn’t quite fill the emptiness I felt. Then, one day it hit me. I wanted to be my own boss and feel in control of the career I had worked so hard for, rather than it being in the palm of someone else’s hands. I wanted to be able to hone in on MY strengths while maintaining a schedule that fit MY lifestyle — all while working in an environment that fit MY vibe. After all, wasn’t it MY career? Why wouldn’t I want to handle all the details of it? 

I decided to become a loft owner and it has been the best decision ever. I have full creative reign of my own space and get to focus on my strengths that make me love the beauty industry. The best part? My schedule is flexible, meaning that I don’t have to stretch myself thin. I can devote time to other hobbies and be successful, all while having the best of all worlds. When I realized that, a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and everything was worth it. 

What I’ve found to be the biggest thing about running a successful small business is marketing. If the work isn’t being showcased, how do you expect to grow? Find your niche and blast it everywhere. I’m a huge believer in using every platform possible. That’s what they are there for, right? First, find out what kind of clients are desired. Do you want regulars that will be in every 4-6 weeks? If so, try to market to clients looking for root touch ups and gray coverage. Do you want to provide low maintenance services? Then, try marketing to moms or clients who live a lifestyle that doesn’t require them to go to the salon every month. And, make sure to utilize the tools that social media provides! Are you getting the most out of all the platforms available such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc? Are you using the relevant hashtags, reels, stories, and ads? 

Once a plan is made in regards to the type of the audience you’re reaching for and how you plan to reach them, you’ll be one step closer to pursuing your ideal clientele as well as your idea of a successful business. Sometimes all we really need is that extra push!

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Lindsey Uhrig

Lindsey Uhrig is a loft owner and featured stylist. She specializes in color — specifically balayage, dimensional colors, and custom coppers/reds. Lindsey also hones in on multiple forms of extensions, such as hand tied, beaded, and tape installations. She believes you should never stop learning as this industry is constantly changing and growing. Lindsey loves being a hairstylist because she has the opportunity to make a positive impact on someone while bringing confidence through an amazing hair transformation. She cannot wait to see what the future holds for her as her business continues to grow!

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