The 2023 Texture Style Awards Finalists Have Been Announced


Salon pros, The 2023 Texture Style Awards are just a few days away! Celebrating the diversity and beauty of all four hair textures, this year’s finalists brought their best, demonstrating total mastery of styling techniques across ten categories.

“I am so excited for the live Texture Style Awards ceremony where we will see who takes home the title in each texture category. We are ready to make a statement that our beloved industry is ready for both a change in perception in a change in practice. We are excited that the world has voiced how important Hair Stylists are, and we are leaning into this,” shared Texture Style Awards founder and celebrity hairstylist Monae Everett.

She continued, “The quality of the entries for the Texture Style Awards exceeded my expectations. I am so excited to see that artist put their heart and soul into both learning to style all hair textures and perfecting each texture for their photo entries.”

Keep scrolling to see all of the 2023 Texture Style Awards finalists by category! (Spoiler: they’re NEXT LEVEL.)

Coily Hair

Coily: Down-Style

Laura Gunter

Keisha Mines

Laura Gunter

Coily: Up-Style

Catherine Withee

Crystle Jones-Bond

Tamika Ishmael


Curly: Down-Style

Lynn Levesque

Stephen Hudson

Lynn Levesque

Curly: Up-Style

Glenn Nelson

Leslie Blakely

Lynn Levesque


Wavy: Down-Style

Sakeitha King

Svetlana Kindiakova

Yuliya Hakimi

Wavy: Up-Style

Anjela Drobot

Laura Gunter

Svetlana Kindiakova


Straight: Down-Style

Jamez Smith

Juan Moses

Chiquita Davis Mizell

Angelica Mirela Tanta

Straight: Up-Style

Brendnetta Ashley

Stephen Hudson

Enrique Lemus Lamboy


Student: Down-Style

Sarah Carroll

Allegra Layton

Melanie Berryman

Student: Up-Style

Aminah Howell

Congratulations to all of the finalists! Winners will be announced at the Texture Style Awards cocktail party this coming Sunday, Aug. 13 at the Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes in New York City. BBI (which houses OuidadCURLSBio Ionic, and Wet Brush), Aveda Arts and Sciences Institute, The Evoke Agency and, yours truly, The Tease are competition sponsors. 

Purchase tickets for the ceremony and celebration here

For more updates make sure to follow @texturestyleawards on Instagram. 

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