The Beauty Industry Is The American Dream


The sky is the limit with this industry. It is a fruitful and worthy career and we need to show the world that. The beauty industry truly can be the American dream, if you are willing to work for it. The Tease aren’t the only ones who believe that. There are those who have climbed their way up and turned their jobs into wonderful careers. 

Reuben Carranza is one of these individuals. Reuben is currently the Group CEO and member of the Board of Directors for three hair companies, Amika, Eva NYC and Ethique. With an extensive and impressive career in the beauty industry, Reuben has worked with brands like Pantene, Olay, Cover Girl, Clairol, Wella, R+Co, Oribe Hair Care, Becca Cosmetics, Pulp Riot Hair Color, and Olaplex.

Reuben has seen firsthand the kind of success you can see in this industry and he is someone who is willing to help others achieve their dreams. Not only does he help lead successful companies,  but he is also a huge proponent of giving back. Throughout the years, he has worked with Beauty Changes Lives and his different businesses to give back to those in the industry. 

Reuben talks all about his career, where he sees the industry in the future, the programs he is working with to give back and his work with Amika,  all on this episode of Volume Up by The Tease. 

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“You wouldn’t want your doctor just to decide one morning, ‘Oh, I’m gonna be a surgeon’, and show up and do what they wanna do, right? Why would you want someone who may be putting chemicals on your hair not to have the proper training to understand the sanitation and the protocols and the safety and all of those elements?”

“If I’m getting trained in Texas and now I have to move to California or I need to move to New York, we should have reciprocity and we should have the ability to have license migration. Right now, we make it too difficult. Every state has to have their own little point of view and I think it’s an unfair barrier for professionals in our business.”

“We are the American dream. We are where you can create a career that can take you anywhere you want to go or can be incredibly rich being behind a chair working on clients. So I think it’s that idea of ‘How do we elevate our industry? How do we elevate the profession?’. So that we’re continuing to kind of get the attention and the support that the industry deserves.”

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