The Hair Historian on Hair Metal to ‘Bridgerton’

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On this week’s episode of Volume Up by The Tease, co-hosts Kelly Ehlers and Jeffrey Lunnen chat with UK-based Rachel Gibson about her extensive experience working as an editor for various salon professional publications and as “The Hair Historian” — her popular Instagram account.

Gibson launched the above mentioned The Hair Historian project in 2016 as an Instagram account combining her passions for art and hair history and has been featured as a hair history expert on the BBC and in titles including Time, Vogue, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, The Atlantic, and many more.

Gibson covers her favorite era for hair, why women began cutting their hair in the 20th century, and how 2020/21’s hair will be remembered.

Here’s some soundbites to tease your interest:

  • “Big hair is the best hair. I feel very sad that we’re on lockdown number three here in London and all the salons are closed because I’m missing having big hair very much.”
  • “I do love the eighties. I love ‘anything goes.’ I love punk music. I love metal music and they were both very much like DIY, cool hair. But also the eighteenth century. The sort of 1770s when we see Marie Antionette and all these giant hairstyles and you know those hairstyles weren’t just giant for the sake of it. They were using them to say something. To make a point. They were dressing their hairstyles with props and tools to say things.”
  • “Increasingly, during lockdown… trends are disappearing and we’re getting to this place where people are doing what they want. From an editor point of view it’s annoying that there aren’t trends to nearly write about but i do think it’s amazing that people are just kind of doing what they want now. When we look back that’ll be something very interesting about this era.”