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In the past, the media has not always given hair thinning, especially women’s hair, the attention it deserves. This has changed in the last couple of years and it is being more openly talked about across all different industries. Hair thinning happens for a multitude of different reasons. We get into all of that alongside the work of Bosley MD, The Thinning Hair Authority, with Ian Murphy, president of BosleyMD.

Ian Murphy, President of BosleyMD, is a seasoned global beauty business executive with over 30 years of expertise. In roles ranging from marketing to sales to international business development, Murphy is a trailblazer within the category and has represented beauty conglomerates such as Redken, Wella, Garnier and Bio Ionic. Currently, at BosleyMD, The Thinning Hair Authority™, he leads the company and is responsible for global strategy, brand vision, innovation, and go-to-market strategy and execution on the brand, guiding a robust team of marketing, sales, product development and supply chain individuals who strive to bring quality and solution-based products to market. Through instilling values of constant innovation, work with integrity and honesty, and a passion to inspire consumers’ confidence, Murphy is leading the way for further success at BosleyMD.

BosleyMD is the leader in effective thinning hair solutions for women and men, creating products that Bosley doctor collaborated and trusted by professional stylists. The brand offers clinically proven hair regrowth treatments, scalp therapy solutions, and effective, everyday hair care essentials designed to help prevent hair loss, combat thinning, and improve hair growth. BosleyMD products are sold in the drug channel, mass retailers, grocery chains, e-commerce, and professional stylist channels and independent salons. BosleyMD can be found in over 30 countries.

Tune in to hear more about Ian’s journey in the beauty industry, how BosleyMD came to where it is, and where they are going in the future.

“So we still are very much entrenched into that stylist recommended position, but what I did bring to the forefront with this new look of Bosley was the MD portion, which makes our brand different and credible.”

“It’s such a big issue that wasn’t really acknowledged before, it was like ‘get on with it’”.

“What we are focused on now is the gain. What is the gain that women and men are seeing? Not just to be the thinning hair solution, but what is the positive end of the funnel that they’re receiving out of using our products?”

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