At this point, we’re so not surprised when our favorite treats appear in our chairs (and no, we don’t mean lunch on-the-go). Our clients have made requests for color inspired by all kinds of goodies. In 2017 it was Unicorn Frappuccinos, PB&Js and even La Croix. The first to come for 2018? Color as creamy and delish as your favorite flavor of Halo Top ice cream.

With the Halo Top brand really putting themselves on the map last year –– even passing cult classics like Ben & Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs in sales –– we were so excited to see them partner with Scruples Hair Care to create the next big thing for the hair world in 2018.

These looks come from a New Year’s collaboration between the brands, where 10 stylists were invited to work their magic and create looks using inspiration from one of Halo Top’s several delicious flavors, as well as the wide range of Scruples Hair Color.

Scruples is all about giving stylists the widest variety of options with the fewest products. Their High Definition Gel Color System offers 200 permanent and demi-permanent colors from just 10 pure-base mixing shades. With gel, creme and specialty color lines, these stylists had countless options to create their masterpieces with.

The collaboration invited stylists nationwide –– from St. Louis, Las Vegas, California and more –– to make our jaws drop and mouths water. While some went for seamless color melts, like Brit Wright in her recreation of “Cinnamon Roll,” Leysa Carillo used stark, 90’s-esque streaks for her take on “Peanut Butter Cup.”

Even beyond colors, the styles and techniques for recreating Halo Top Hair fall all along the spectrum, from angled bobs to braids, curls and waves. The possibilities are as varied as the ice cream flavor range, and we want a scoop of each.

The flexibility of this trend is exactly what makes it a little extra…tasty. ? With its countless color combos and versatility, there’s an Instagrammable option for everyone: from deep chocolate tones and warm caramels to killer birthday cake and rainbow swirl vibrancy.

Even if your New Year’s resolution is to be a clean-eating machine, we think everyone can find a way to indulge in this trend. With more tame variations (three of the looks are honestly just balayage) and way out-there rainbow styles, anyone can pick a flavor that embodies their style and personality…as long as it’s not vanilla.

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