The Importance of Hair In Film With TILL‘s Department Head of Hair


Hair can be the make it or break it factor when really bringing a character to life for TV or movies. It ties the whole look together and oftentimes is what the character is recognized for. You can’t have Katniss without her braid, Rachel without The Rachel, Foxxy without her afro or Princess Leia without her iconic buns. But what happens with the creative process when you don’t need to create a character’s look?

Deaundra “DeeDee” Metzger, Department Head of Hair for TILL,  walks us through what it was like to not have to create a character, but instead to emulate a real person’s look from a time period different from ours. Being a stylist on period pieces means that you are constantly learning facts to bring to other sets. 

Kelly and Deaundra discussed the importance of the hair department to the mood and tone setting for the day ahead as well as the key role that hair stylists play when it comes to reading the room on set. Beyond talking about the importance of the movie TILL, Deaundra also filled Volume Up in on her passion for supporting stylists in their business with her new tool, Leading Beauty Professionals Community.

Join in this week’s episode to hear all about TILL, hairstyling in the entertainment industry, and why you need Leading Beauty Professionals Community. We could literally listen to Deaundra for hours. 

“But it was important for all of us when we collaborated, starting that, we didn’t have to create a character. She was already. She was Mamie Till. Her significance was so important. She worked for the military, so she had a good job for someone, an African-American woman, whose husband was deceased. She had a very good job, so she was dressed to the nines. So we just emulated what we saw.”

“So just details like that, and it’s fun doing research. I love doing period hair because you do get a chance to learn those little facts and those are facts that you take to the next project and the next project and the next project.”

“I like to say that the hair department is the most important department of the whole project, but, ya know, I’m a little biased…But I do think that we are so much more than hair.”

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