The Monthly Edit: Every Product Our Editors Loved in June


As beauty editors, we’re always discovering and trying out fun, new products. While not every hair oil, lipstick, or serum becomes a favorite, the ones that do definitely deserved to be shared with our fellow hair and beauty lovers (i.e. YOU!).

Each month, we highlight the products that our editors can’t and won’t stop talking about. Below, see their top picks for the month of June!

Yves Saint Laurent Libre Eau De Parfum

“After eyeing this perfume for what feels like ages, I was beyond excited to finally get myself a bottle. From my very first spritz of it, I was in love and could not stop smelling myself. It has the most gorgeous fragrance that smells very sexy and super luxurious while still giving off  a hint of sweetness and spiciness, along with some floral notes. While I will say that it’s completely different from anything I usually gravitate towards (I like my sweet scents!), I love how expensive this perfume makes me feel each time I have it on.” —Camille Nzengung, hair features editor

Shop: Yves Saint Laurent Libre Eau De Parfum, $85.00

ColourPop She’s a Rainbow Makeup Palette

“I use this every single day. It has almost every color you would ever want. Easily blendable, bright, and long-lasting. The added glitters are also great because you can create so many different looks.” —Emily Albrent, Traffic Manager

Shop: ColourPop She’s a Rainbow Makeup Palette, $28.00

Milk Makeup KUSH Mascara

“This mascara is great for full volume and full length. My #1 grab-and-go product! Just stocked up on some more.” —Madeline Hickey, Digital Media Producer

Shop: Milk Makeup KUSH Mascara, $26.00

Starface Hydro-Stars

“This past month, I was stressed. A family reunion, getting covid, moving from southern California to northern California. So, I got some adult acne. A lot of adult acne! Enter my go-to hydro stars… hydrocolloid pimple protectors. Hydrocolloid is clinically proven to help absorb fluid and reduce inflammation to shrink pimples. I definitely notice a difference if I don’t use them on a break out. Plus they make an ugly thing a little less so. 10/10 recommend you add to cart.” —Jeffrey Lunnen, VP of Digital Content and Volume Up podcast host

Shop: Starface Hydro-Stars, $14.99

Intelligent Beauty Good Hair Guardian Thermal Primer

“Hey, it’s me, the fake blond back again. Breakage from heat tools is a biggy now that I’ve been officially lightening my locks for 2 full years. I’ve started to get breakage in very specific places: about 6-inches below my temples, front/bang area, and 6-inches from the nape of my neck. Basically, suspiciously right where my barrel sits when I curl my hair 3x per week. 

This month, my stylist recommended a new heat treatment product to help to support these damaged areas—Intelli-sense Good Hair Guardian Thermal Primer. Honestly, I love it. It’s SO light. I can barely tell it’s there which can be a challenge with thin hair. It doesn’t produce a ‘build up’ feeling on my hair if I use it multiple days in a row before shampooing. Finally, and best of all, it smells AMAZING.” —Monica Hickey, The Tease Co-Founder

Shop: Intelligent Beauty Good Hair Guardian Thermal Primer, $36.50

NYX Matte Finish Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray Vegan Formula

“I have tried so many setting sprays, and this seems to be the only one that has worked for me. It’s a good price, so you don’t have to worry about spraying too much on your face.” —E.A.

Shop: NYX Matte Finish Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray Vegan Formula, $9.50

Have you tried any of our favorite products? Let us know in the comments below!

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Camille Nzengung

Camille Nzengung is a Features Editor at The Tease, where she covers all things hair. You can find her writing about the best hair products, the coolest hair trends, and all the exciting new hair launches. Send her a pitch:


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